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Apple Music drops Connect feature that lets artists share to listeners.

Artists will no longer be able to send updates straight to their fans in Apple Music due to the removal of the app’s Connect function from the streaming service in the latest update from Apple.

“Connect posts from artists are no longer supported,” Apple writes in a brief statement buried at the bottom of an update listing various changes to artist pages.

Changes in the new Artist Pages

” Explore an artist’s catalog and discover their music through enhanced Artist Pages.

Apple Music in iOS 12 makes it easier to browse an artist’s catalog and discover new music to play. You’ll find the following changes in the new Artist Pages:

Improved Organization: Artist Pages are now better organized to make it easier to find the music you’re looking for, including Essential Albums and a featured release at the top of each artist’s page.

Personalized Artist Radio: Every Apple Music artist now has their own radio station. Press at the top of any Artist Page to start listening to music from across an artist’s catalog.

The function has similarly been buried in the Apple Music app, as reported by Apple blog

The end of Connect doesn’t quite spell the end of music recommendations by artists for Apple’s streaming service, used by more than 50 million subscribers.

On pages of participating artists, you’ll still find personalised radio streams and playlists.

You can also tune in to automatically created playlists of any friends on Apple Music. They contain songs that friends are listening to and can be found in the “For You” section – assuming you connect with friends in Apple Music. – dpa

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