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How To Promote Your Music (Part Four)

  MUSICIANS AS ENTREPRENEURS If you’ve ever met a really successful entrepreneur you’ve probably been overwhelmed with their energy and outgoing personality. Not all entrepreneurs are extroverts, but they are all passionate about what they are doing and are eager to spread the word and make connections. Take tips from the …

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How To Promote Your Music (Part Three)


KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE & FOCUS ON YOUR NICHE Where and to whom you market your music can make all the difference. Thriving music subcultures exist in all corners of the world, some huge and sprawling, some small and dedicated. Finding, knowing and exploiting your musical niche is key to your …

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How To Promote Your Music (Part Two)

SURROUND YOURSELF WITH A STRONG TEAM You might prefer the lone-wolf approach to promoting your music, but there can be huge benefits to surrounding yourself with a great team of like-minded people. If you have a team of well-connected individuals who are passionate about your music all working in your …

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How To Promote Your Music (Part One)

USE SOCIAL MEDIA THE RIGHT WAY We all use social media. If you’re not on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter these days, it’s almost like you don’t exist. However, you may not be using social media to it’s full potential to promote your music. Social media is NOT a straight-up marketing platform. It’s really …

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How Spotify makes Money

subscriptions and the other 9% from advertisements. Of the revenue it generates, Spotify keeps 30% and splits the remaining amount between licensing, music deals and paying to the artists. [ Check out my playlist on Spotify] Reports of artists being dissatisfied with their earnings have made rounds quite a few …

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