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Simple Ways to Increase Watch Time on Youtube

Many of us have woken up to an email this morning announcing YouTube’s new conditions for monetizing your channel. Coming into force on February 20th you can only monetize your channel if you have got 1,000 subscribers and also have 4,000 watched hours in the past year. We know that …

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Shazam Introduces Concert Discovery Worldwide

March 22, 2022 – Shazam, one of the world’s most popular and highly rated music apps, today launched a suite of concert features, making it easy for users to explore upcoming live music shows and increase exposure for artists. By simply Shazaming a song, searching for it in the Shazam app or …

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Spotify tests TikTok-like vertical video feature

Spotify is the latest app to experiment with a vertical video feed similar to TikTok’s successful design. A new feature in an early test build for iPhone reveals a new Discover tab being added to the app’s front page. It has vertical music video clips that users can swipe through …

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TikTok launches global music distribution platform for artistes

TikTok is launching a music distribution platform, Sound On, with the promise of giving 100% of royalties directly to artistes for their first year, and 90% thereafter.  It’s the latest evidence of the social media video-sharing platform’s influence and power within music scenes, having established itself as a place where new …

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4 Reasons Why Facebook Is Starting to Lose Users

Is this the beginning of the end for Facebook? We explore why people are choosing to stop using the social media platform. Even if you’ve never used it, you know about Facebook. It’s one of the largest social media networks in the world, existing in nearly every country. For a …

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How to promote your next song on Spotify

When you’ve put your heart and soul into creating a song or album, the next step is maximizing its release potential. A lot of this comes down to smart preparation and knowing exactly how your promotional plan will be executed. The more prepared you are for that big release, the …

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