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Girls For The Future Initiative

The Girl-child deserves special attention to become that powerful and iconic woman in the near future. That is why here at Schools Support Project by Jonilar.net we have strategically put together an initiative that will prepare them for the journey ahead. By doing this, we have been doing all-girl seminars and skills training coordinated by other young women of influence in their respective fields. We want to partner with you to make this more impactful by volunteering your vocational skills and contributing financially.

Untold story of how Hajj Fawzie is impacting lives in rural Ghana.

Hajj Fawzie is a Ghanaian business woman and humanitarian resident in the nation’s capital, Accra. She’s a very soft-spoken person with principles that ensures peaceful co-existence among everybody. Years ago, she founded Maltiti Foundation; a charity organization that has been very instrumental in the personal, socio-economic development of women in rural …

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