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Top Reasons To Visit Ghana

Ghana is a small and growing country in the West Africa region known for its natural deposits like Gold, Bauxite oil and just to mention few. Gained independence on 6th March 1957 under the leadership of Doctor Kwame Nkrumah, the country is known globally for its economic contribution and the role it has also played towards world peace through the able leadership of the late UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.

  1. Peaceful and great Hospitality: Ghanaians are naturally welcoming due to the balanced cultural settings that have instilled cohabitation in its people. Ghana is often referred to as the model for peace in Africa and for the past years changed leadership through periodic elections. Even when the opposition NPP in 2012 challenged the electoral results, the court proceedings was publicly televised whiles the highest court of the land passed its verdict.

  1. Rich history: Ghana as a country has a rich history dating back to the break-away from the Gana-empire in the 11th century till now. The history is still organic and emotional. The formation of some of the biggest Kingdoms like the Asante, Ga, Ewe and the rest. The Trans-Atlantic slave trade, the roles by the various forts and castles built the colonial masters at some strategic positions, the emancipation in the 21 century and the fortunes today.

  1. Natural Tourist Destinations: The country previously known as Gold-coast has an amazing number of natural tourist destinations spread across the country. From the highest mountain Afadja in the Volta region to the huge crocodiles in the river at Paga up North. The beautiful Lake Bosumtwi located few minutes’ drive away from Kumasi and Akwapim Mampong to Togo range is some of the few to mention. Ghana has some of the beauty and clean beaches in the world and notable among them is the Anomabu, Ada Foah, Keta.
Maranatha Beach in Ada Foah
Aerial view of Nzulezu
  1. Good Business Environment: Some of the world’s best companies from manufacturing to service-providing institutions operate in Ghana. With an economy of over 22 million people, the country has enough space for anybody who meets the requirements to establish. There are trade partnerships with US, China, South Africa among others that ensure other nationals perfectly blossom.

  1. Diversity: This is quite broad but just to touch on the fact that there is tolerance, freedom of experience and association, respect for religion,chieftaincy,traditional values  and by law, homosexuality and weed smoking is illegal. The laws of Ghana are supreme and as expected, everybody must respect the 1992 constitution.

  1. Music and entertainment guaranteed: Ghanaians love entertainment and music is the biggest genre in the showbiz sector. Movie and other subfields still have a space and good audience. Shatta wale, Sarkodie, Lil Win, Stonebwoy, Edem, R2bees, Nana Ama McBrown, Samini, and Yvonne Nelson, Reggie rockstone, Asamoah Gyan etc are some of the influential stars that comes into mind. Big spaces like the Fantasy dome, Accra International Conference center for concerts, great sporting activities, Nightlife is also a big deal with countless number of Nightclubs, Pubs and restaurants you can hang out with friends and family anytime of the day. Great traditional music and dance like Kpanlogo by the people of Accra, Adowa by the Asantes, Agbadza and borborbor by the Ewes etc are ensembles you can’t afford to miss.
Kpanlogo by the people of Accra
From left: Angel(Sark’s manager), Shatta wale and Sarkodie
  1. Great food and drinks: Before i tell you about Ghana jollof, let me just reveal to you that Kenkey, Fufu, Banku,Waakye Tuozafi are some of the best local foods you can find in Ghana. They are enjoyed by all regardless of where they come from. They are mostly made from Maize and Cassava which also means majority of Ghanaians consumes carbohydrate. Local drinks like Akpeteshie, Palmwine, Pito, Asana and Sobolo are perfect match. Ghana jollof is actually better than Nigeria Jollof – Just follow the social media trends and you will perfectly get it.
Ga Kenkey and Shitor
Solobo drink
  1. Enough space for everyone: There is a wide range of accommodation for people from all walks of life. From class of hotels, estates and even rooms for rentals for anybody who want to legally integrate into the Ghanaian society.
Volta serene in Ho

9. Great events and festivals: Ghana meets Naija, Chalewote street arts festival, Ghana music awards, Homowo, Hogbetsotso, Oguaa Fetu Afahye, Odwira, Kudum, Asafotu fiami, Asogli Yam Festival, Agotime Kente festival are some of the major celebrations every year with thousands of people in attendance.

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A waterfall in Boti; a small village in the Eastern region of Ghana 

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