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How To Make Money In Koforidua This Weeekend

As the ruling political party in Ghana, The New Patriotic Party (NPP) heads to the Eastern regional capital, Koforidua this weekend for the National Delegate Congress, here are some tips on how to make  money whiles the congress is going on.

Koforidua is predominantly surrounded by farming communities that produces staples like Cassava, Plantain, Cocoyam and cash cash crop like Cocoa and Coffee. The city also has many secondary and tertiary institutions such as All Nations University College and Koforidua Technical University where the party will be having the much anticipated congress to elect new leaders for the party. Hotels are already full anyway so i can’t make it to town today. Don’t blame me,hehehe i just returned from Dubai.

Street of Koforidua

Enjoy KOFCITY by Koo Ntakra

  1. Sell Party Paraphernalia; Over thousand supports and party stalwarts will be spending more than three days in Koforidua starting from today till the congress is over. Don’t only go as a spectator, you can also sell branded T-shirts, Handkerchiefs, Notebooks, Pens, Banners, Umbrella because the chance heavy-down is 50/50 according to my phone.

  1. Sell Recharge Cards: Communication is key and attendants will heavily rely on recharge cards from MTN down to Glo to pass on information. There will be many branded stands around but as smart-thinking person, you can carry yours around but don’t forget not to litter the environment, also encourage others not to throw their used cards round.There  will surely be designated bins for that.
Nigerian Musician,KCEE selling Recharge card
  1. Mobile Fruit Vendor: Many party faithfuls and commentators are going to be talking on top of their voice making them loose it half way. We are also going to have many natural fruit lovers in attendance as well. Just in case you don’t know, Koforidua especially Nkrakan has a fruit market selling at cool rates. You can package yours in a polythene bag and sell.

  1. Street Performance: If you are a musician reading this, you don’t need to be a party member to be able to attend the congress tomorrow. Take advantage of the numbers expected to attend and market your talent. Write and compose a song for the party on Good governance and perform live on the various pavements leading to the venue. Accapella is also a good option if you can’t afford an instrument or mobile address system. Your performance will dawn on many to pay you on the spot. Don’t forget many who supports Justin bieber,Ed Sheeran and others are people who fell in love with their street performances  many years ago. You can also print your contacts including social media details on a paper for them to connect you instantly.

  1. Run Promotion For Others: If you think what I mentioned above is too late for you, don’t worry, just prepare to contact people who will be selling around and  needs more hands  to assist them within the period. To do this easy and fast, present any Valid ID card or supplementary documents to business owners  for trust reasons. Let your weekend in Koforidua not be about Kukrudu alone, make some cool cash before Monday.

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