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7 Ways to Make Sure Your First Trip As a Couple Isn’t Your Last.


Traveling together as a couple, especially for the first time, can have its challenges. There’s something about being together 24/7 that brings out a side of each other that neither of you have ever seen before, no matter the length of your romance.

Missing a connecting flight or finding yourself lost on public transportation is stressful on its own. Throw in a somewhat new romantic relationship, and it’s easy to see where things can go awry.

In reality, unless everything goes exactly according to plan — which it rarely does — avoiding these bumps won’t be easy. All you two can really do is problem solve and have a game plan for when things go wrong.

To make life a little easier, here are some tips and tricks to ensure you both stay away from as much tension as possible and spend more time enjoying one another.


Speak up.

If something is bothering you, say something. Even if it’s as simple as wanting to walk to the next sight versus taking a cab, you’re not doing anyone any favors by keeping your thoughts bottled up. It’s always easier to fix an issue on the spot, instead of later down the road when it inevitably comes out all at once. And on the flip side, don’t forget to listen: It’s your partner’s vacation, too.

Remember the itinerary is simply a guide.

Unless you have tickets or a scheduled event, don’t feel pressured to stick with the original plan. Whether it’s a train delay or unexpected weather, learn how to adjust as a team. Over-planning can also add unnecessary pressure to the trip, so consider ditching the itinerary for a bit and see where you end up.

Take a break.

Regardless of how many days you and your special someone are on vacation, remember there’s no shame in slowing down. After all, aren’t you both supposed to be relaxing? If the sights get to be too much and one of you, if not both, begin to fade, grab a drink and reboot. Taking a half hour to chill can make all the difference.

Don’t play the blame game.

Once a disagreement arises, the key is to remember you’re both on the same team. Figuring out who’s right, wrong, or how you two even got into the predicament in the first place is irrelevant and a waste of time. All that matters is finding a solution to the problem — which is only going to happen by coming together and not pointing fingers.

Stop being a backseat driver.

Being lost is the worst, and shouting out random street names when the other person is trying to navigate isn’t going to help — if anything, it will actually make things worse. Try staying calm, whipping out your own Google Maps, or even asking a local for directions to amend the situation.

Don’t forget to rest.

Jet lag and not getting enough rest the night before a flight can heavily impact one’s mood. If you or your significant other is grumpy and tired, taking a nap may be the way to go. Even a short nap can really turn things around and give the getaway a fresh start.

Remember why you’re there.

Not every duo gets to the point where they want to travel together, so don’t take the special opportunity for granted. Make the most of this next step in your romance by not sweating the little things and showing the other person just how much you care.

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