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The Full List: Kuulpeeps Presents Emergers 2017

At the beginning of 2017, everyone looked out for their favourite personalities in the industry and looked forward to what their idols had in store for them.

No one expected that this year’s new crop of personalities were going to make changes to playlists and have people relook at their interests. These fresh ‘bloods’ have brought new genres and interests into the existing industry cutting across from music to film to lifestyle to fashion to media and even culinary.

The most noteworthy trait with these individuals is that they are very young and carry a distinct, positive aura that is hard to miss.

Like us, most people were confused as to what they had to offer because the difference between what they were bringing on and what already existed was HUGE. Judging by their success at the end of the year, it is safe to say that the doubt of the masses did nothing to douse their determination, they rather used it as a yardstick to prove themselves., a platform that recognizes the efforts and achievements of young people decided that people needed to recognize and know these high achievers, those who had beat the odds and made it the top of their young respective careers, learn more about the background story of these individuals. These led to the concept of EMERGERS 2017.

Through a poll conducted on social media, we were able to put together a list of individuals who emerged this year and had made an impact with their talent on the general public. Young people who have found a way to stand out in the crowded Ghanaian celebrity space.

After the polls, the responses on social media were shortlisted to the following people (not in any particular order):

  1. Kidi
  2. Kuami Eugene
  3. Darko Vibes
  4. B4bonah
  5. RJZ
  6. Kwesi Arthur
  7. Papa Oppong and Nathaniel
  8. King Promise
  9. Bryan The Mensah
  10. Biishville
  11. Magnom
  12. Militants
  13. Dope Nation
  14. Paq
  15. SDKDele
  16. Tsoobi
  17. KulaGH
  18. Natalie Fort
  19. Alfred Ocansey
  20. Keminni Amanor


For those of you that know these individuals for just their art this will be an opportune time to get to know them on a more personal note and for those who are yet to discover who they are, this is the time to orient yourselves as to who these talented folks are and why they mattered so much in the year 2017.


Short Profiles


For those who followed the MTN Hitmaker show, the name Kidi should ring a bell. After winning the 20015 edition MTN Hitmaker, Dennis Nana Kwaku Boadi Dwamena better known as Kidi went ahead and was signed on by Lynx Entertainment. His two singles “Say You Love Me” and “Odo” are what shot him into the limelight for the year 2017. The 24-year-old wishes to be an entrepreneur in the near future and also wants to be known as one of the greatest artists on the African continent.



Another product of the MTN Hitmaker and also signed to Lynx Entertainment, Kuami Eugene, is greatly recognized for his hit single “Angela”. The 20-year-old, who has been in the industry for just a year, is sometimes overwhelmed by the huge impact his song has made in quite a short while. His passion for his music is driven by the fact that he sees people hustle every day to make ends meet and this is a reminder to himself that he needs to work extremely hard to make it to the top.




Short videos/skits are fast catching up with us in the new media space. This gentleman’s twist to his short videos is the addition of his mother. Sadik Sulley, also known as Sdkdele has to his name a movie entitled Blue Film which was directed by Prince Dovlo. The upcoming producer/actor wishes to own his own production house in the near future.



Every male you find in the kitchen is known as a Chef but for this gentleman, his vision goes beyond just staying in the kitchen and having a tag to it. Kwame Amfo – Akonnor wants to be the owner of the 1st “proper” African Dining Restaurant in Ghana. Kwame also uses his skills to raise funds for refugees through his volunteer work with UNHCR.



These fraternal twins have made their mark in the industry as producers and musicians. As producers, they have produced hit bangers for people like E.L, Joey B, Pappy Kojo, Ebony, AK Songstress, Flowking Stone and a host of other artistes. Music is practically their world and all they want to do concerning their lives in the near future has to be musically oriented.



As a CEO of Plegishes, a Design and Development Company, Bryan wants to actively pursue his career in music and also find new ways to do music to appeal to his fan base. The bathroom is the place that he is the most creative. He does an excellent job of combining his studies, music and running his company. If he did not end up doing music he would have probably been a doctor.



A lot of people are taken by surprise whenever they find out how old she is and because of this, 22-year-old Natalie Fort usually shies away from mentioning her age. As a news anchor of the major bulletin on TV3, Natalie found it overwhelming at first to be in a position at such a young age but as time went on she embraced it and now delivers her news with much comfortability. She would have probably been in the Hospitality industry or chosen a career path around customer care if she wasn’t a media practitioner.



The budding talent considers himself as a versatile artist because his type of music falls in the range of Afrobeat, Highlife, R&B and Hip-Hop genres. He is gradually building a lasting brand that will allow him longevity in the industry and in turn orient Ghanaians to be conversant with his genre of music. King Promise is currently signed to the Legendary Producer Killbeatz’s record label. The record label is called the Legacy Life Entertainment (LLE) which is managed by Gervin Ohene Addo alongside an experienced team, ready to work and support the talent of King Promise.



The Ground Up Charle musician says he started rapping because of the influence of Drake’s song “Thank Me Later”. Kwesi Arthur who represents Tema is driven to do music by the urge to be successful and this is what keeps him going. For him, failure will mean not using his abilities enough to the point of being successful.



When you hear the song “Tomorrow”, the name that should be on your lips should be Darko Vibes. For someone who has spent three years continuously in a studio, you will definitely expect nothing less than success. Apart from his hit single, Darko has in the past been a stylist for the MTN Hitmaker show and also did the soundtrack for MTN Pulse. He cannot stop emphasizing on how much he loves photography and also how much of a good cook he is.



A graduate of Central University and Mfantsipim Senior High School, Paq the beats maker has his signature on a number of hit songs in the country. His made the beats for hit songs “Over Feed Me”, “Pen and Paper”, “Call On Me”, “Human Being”, among others. The 25-year-old beats maker is afraid of anything having to do with water including a swimming pool. Aside from beats for songs, Paq has also worked on audiobooks for the French Embassy and Cref Ghana. He hopes to own a record label in the near future.



He probably spoke into existence his current position without actually meaning to with his hit single “Dear God” featuring Sarkodie. B4bonah’s fear is living a life without a purpose and his other passion aside music is helping those who have mental health issues. He happens to be his own biggest and most loyal fan.



As a producer, the name Magnom needs no introduction in the Ghanaian music industry as he has produced a lot of hits for many years. Now Magnom as an artiste is something worth looking forward to. After “My Baby”, Magnom has gone ahead to release other hit singles. For a man of his stature, you will not expect that he will be afraid of dogs and mice. If there is one thing he doesn’t take lightly, it is failure.



With her bubbly spirit and fierce personality, it is no surprise that Keminni doesn’t wait for people to motivate her to do amazing things. She motivates herself to achieve greatness. You would definitely be one of her favourite people if you offer her some good food with some reggae music playing in the background, especially if it is Richie Spice. In whatever situation you find yourself, Keminni is willing to help so far as it doesn’t involve filling forms.



After winning the Sprite Ball Tournament for his alma mater Mfantsipim three times, everyone figured out that RJZ was going to end up playing basketball professionally. With his hard to miss blonde hair, RJZ decided to chase his passion – music. With the fear of not being able to impact positively in the lives of others, RJZ is pushed to work successfully on his music so much so that he plans on donating the proceeds of his first album to charity.



The group of three made up of Abdul Kadir Captan, Melvin Owusu Prempeh and Samudeen Jafaro Mohammed come together to form the Militants. They belong to Shatta Wale’s SM family. They have released bangers such as “Taking Over” and “Forgetti” together with their Godfather, Shatta Wale. They each have a couple of singles that they have released individually. For them, to betray of Shatta Wale and the SM family is equivalent to treason.



Papa Oppong is a designer and Nathaniel is a model so it is no surprise at all that you see them work hand in hand because of their various roles in the fashion industry complement one another. Together they have both worked with Christie Brown. They look forward to producing huge fashion shows in the near future and also collaborate with some of the big names in the fashion circles within Africa and beyond.



This Kula is not a designer. He is the artist that goes around selling his own CD just to make a connection with his fan base. He has sold 700 CDs so far and looks forward to selling 1000 before the year ends. Aside music, Kula is a radio presenter and hosts the Lyrics Lounge every Thursday on YFm. For him, no problem is worth worrying your head over because every problem can be solved.




She has the name Tsoobi because her mother calls her that probably because of her physique. Tsoobi is a reggae/dancehall artiste who believes in diligence and hard work. She is also a fashion designer and a painter aside from her music. When asked what she would have been if not a musician, Tsoobi said she would have loved to be a Sex therapist. The worst thing she has been asked to do to push her career is to sleep with her manager.



You might have probably seen him on your screens a couple of times and it would not have been because he was reading the news on TV3 but because he has featured in a couple of Pascal Amanfo directed movies. Alfred Ocansey is a News Anchor at TV3 and the host of Late Edition on 3FM. He will love to advance in his current profession internationally and later go into full-time ministry. And No, he doesn’t want to be called a Pastor just because he has interest in going into ministry. Just so you know, he sings Tenor in his church.

For the next few weeks, we will be profiling these individuals and get to know who they are and what their background is.


We would also get to find out some things about their personal life and what their thoughts are about the everyday happenings around us.


For those of you that know these individuals for just their art, this will be an opportune time to get to know them on a more personal note and for those who are yet to discover who they are, this is the time to orient yourselves as to who these talented folks are and why they mattered so much in the year 2017.

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