Shatta wale – Ghamro


Ghanaian Dancehall musician,Shatta wale has just dropped a song,”Ghamro” to petition the Ghana Music Right Organization to pay him the royalties they owe him. According the countless hutmaker and leader of Shatta movement,he has released  great songs over the years but only peanut was given . He also recounts the stress you go through paying radio and tv just to get your content aired yet it there is no genuine way of making returns.

This is not the first time the Dancehall artiste is fighting agencies responsible for welfare to do their job. He has in the past talked about Musigha and others to play their games right to the benefit of the music industry.

The song is timely to add to the call for Ghamro to go digital and also  explore the numerous royalty collection opportunities available.

Follow the link link to listen to the song.



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