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Audio/Poem: Joseph Keteku X Enam – 6 Feet Deep

Dynamic poet,Joseph Keteku and songstress,Enam teams up for something unusual. A wonderful piece that will take you down to your memory chambers to appreciate life and it’s stages. 


when am six feet deep.
I can’t go home again, I am home
Air will become a thing of the past.
My body will become weaker, decay and return to dust.

My dreams and aspirations will only be history left in books.
But my life book will be opened to give an account of my life on earth.
My soul will be waiting for the creator of life to decide my fate.
Will I be burning forever or rejoicing with the king of kings.
the map I used to seek my destination on earth will no longer be important.
The truth hurts, but heals
Father, I pray thee: Give me strength to endure the truth.
Breath and death may rhyme, But that is not a crime nor a prime but a reality.

My enemies won’t rest, until I am put to rest (six feet deep).
When am six feet deep, I will be told to rest in peace whiles, I was living in hell on earth.
When am six feet deep, My pictures will be trending on social media and after a week, I will be forgotten.
When am six feet deep, friends will celebrate and make donations at my funeral.
Whiles they claim not to have money when I needed their help.
They will cry at my funeral like their in pain, yet pop champagne and make merry when they get home.
What are they celebrating, I do not know.

Those who couldn’t tell me they love me will cry in silence.
When am six feet deep, I will be remembered only when there is a need to do something I was good at.

All those I have offended, who weren’t willing to let go will forgive me.

Learn to give me flowers, fill my heart with laughter and love whiles am alive.
Not when am six feet deep, before you decorate my grave with flowers.

The day you were born and the day you die is significant.
Taking your own life is cowardice.
It’s like loosing your sword to the enemy(death).
You are not fit to be a warrior.

The rope is not a beacon of hope neither is it a panacea to freedom.
For you will be denied the kingdom, when you take your life.

My father gave me life, and I passed it unto my son.
Don’t let your weakness be your sickness.
Before you die, live.

I prefer to live in pain than to die in vain.
Joseph Keteku (dynamic poet)
P E A C E.


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