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Spark fire:Ennwai Blasts 4syte TV.

Ghanaian musician, Ennwai is the latest to join the list of outspoken Ghanaian artistes who are tired of unfair treatment by some media houses.

In provocative facebook posts yesterday, the ‘Totals’ crooner blast local entertainment TV channel, 4syte TV owned by Ignace Hego for not treating artistes fairly.

According to Ennwai, 4syte TV charges huge sums of money from Ghanaian artistes but plays foreign songs dominantly and for free.

“#Nkwasiasem is when 4syte TV charges Ghanaian musicans 3-5k to show their videos and play foreign videos for free.
#SiasemBeNoNo,” he posted.

He also alleged that when 4syte TV and other channels calls this artiste for show, they don’t pay what is due them.

“& later when they want these same Ghanaian musicians for their events they give them a barter trade contract and pay foreign musicians huge amount of money..Ghanaian musicians let’s be wise kakraa wai. Let’s nt allow these Ppl to call us #STUPID indirectly,” he further noted.

Ennwai’s displeasure may be due to the fact that none of his solo music videos has been shown on 4syte TV.

Other artistes and industry patrons have shared similar sentiment in the past but institutions in charge of artistes’ welfare including MUSIGA has not taken any action to curb the situation.

What do you think about Ennwai’s issue? Do you agree or disagree?

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