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Lyrics: Jah Phinga – Jah Know

Woh woh woh wooh(Jah PHIN GA)
See De Gongman deh bout
Yow Dakay wha you seh nuh man One Dread Yeah

Jah Know (Sabali)
Only Jah Know
Jah know
Only Jah know (saywa)

Even the life we don dey live sef we no dey see top
Somebody tell me why death always love to f**k it up
Cu pon a bredda ryt nuh and the next minute im drop
Only one life we got to live why must it stop
So many memories they left behind for us to keep
When you memba dem i swear walahi it hurts u deep
U no go see them again even makes you weep
I wish i had the power fi make death sleep

Jah know
Only Jah Know
Jah know
Only Jah know

Mi heart a bleed bleed bleed
Ma eyes dey weep weep weep
Mi heart a bleed bleed bleed
Fi di love ones weh dead and gone
Mi heart a bleed bleed bleed
Ma eyes dey weep weep weep
Mi heart a bleed bleed bleed
It nuh easy fi loose someone

Now the whole thing just dey look like cartoon
Why some people gatto leave we so soon
Wish we a go live long like the sun and the moon
Buh they end up inna grave some a dem inna tomb
All a we fi live and grey,none a we fi die young
But now too many life weh dash way,Oh Jah what is wrong
Fallen soldiers along the way fi them i sing this song
Until we meet another day,the most high keep you strong.


Anybody wey loose somebody put your lights up
If you know you care for them put your cups up
And you wish fi see them again put your drinks up
For long life and prosperity put your hands up
I dey sing am with a heavy heart
Friends and family dont have to go like that
If only one life they got
Why so fast them done living their part


Fi di people dead and gone
Fi them weh i sing this one
Jah keep You Safe And Strong
Jah Phinga
Gong Yarded


Follow the link to download ‘Jah Know’

Jah Phinga – Jah Know (Prod by Beatz Dakay)

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