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eShun is the Future – Ball J Beat

One of Ghana’s Ace Music producers Ball J Beat says that eShun – the Africa’s Newest Sensational Vocalist is the future of Music. He warmed Efya the neo soul vocalist to watch out for eShun because she is musically very dangerous.

‘You know but Adomaa is working with eShun and eShun is like the future; eShun is musically dangerous; you know what I mean. I will tell Efya wherever she is – she got to be carefully because eShun is very dangerous!” he disclosed on an award-winning live Morning TV “This Morning” on Viasat 1 hosted by Kokui and Patrice.

Ghanaian songstress,eShun
Ghanaian songstress,eShun

“But Efya is my best friend though, that is it.” Ball J added.

Albert Ayeh-Hanson known stage name Ball J is a Ghanaian hip hop rapper, sound engineer, record producer and entrepreneur. The Lapaz Toyota hit producer spent most of his formative years in California–United States. Ball J is the CEO and founder of Nu Afrika Records.

eShun has been described by music pundit in the Ghanaian music scene as the Africa’s Next Biggest Female Vocalist. She has stage presence, 4.5 vocal octave range, insane phonetic power and control at mid to high chest vocalization, emotion-full diction and a physical beauty that was immensely complemented by her splendid resonance and timbre; not forgetting how long she can sustain a note.

eShun who has released 6 songs already namely: Meye, Newgurl, Noway, Dance with Daddy, YOLO and Didadi.



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