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DJ Justice GH Shares Tempestuous New Single ‘Burning Desire’ Featuring Offei.

The supreme disc jockey throws in another winning single to close off the month on the wings of passion. Stream or download ‘Burning Desire’ across all major digital platforms here:

His second and final drop of the month, ‘Burning Desire’ is a no-brainer for lovers of Afrobeat. It has all the bell and whistles of an instant radio hit, even down to its seething hot title and formidable guest artist, Offei.


DJ Justice GH knows this and unleashes one of his finest beats yet to be glazed in the honeyed vocals of Offei, who we must be admit is the missing ingredient (Irish cream) of this piece. The passion in his voice alone is enough to bust your brain – yup, even if love songs are not your thing. To hold it all together, Offei uses lots of hyper-romantic lyrics to sweetly express his ‘Burning Desire’ for – you guessed it – the gyal dem and we’re convinced they’d be left craving for more.

DJ Justice GH is on streak and who could blame him? He’s good! It’s hard to tell if his recent output are gems off a forthcoming project. But that’s a story for another day.

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