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China-based Ghanaian Artist Talks About Painting and His Inspiration.

Painting is one of the subdivisions in the entire creative arts set up  globally . The genre can be dated back to centuries when it was used on several occasions to express beauty,appreciation,love,honor,prestige etc. 

In recent times, the passion for arts has gained a huge mileage and one patron  that it  pursuing it industriously is Julius Peaceman better known by cliques as Jay. The china-based Ghanaian artist has in his own ways expressed  life experiences through painting. His works are gaining grounds and acceptance in Asia with a substantial media coverage and other part of the world. 

In few words, he explained ; “I believe art is life. Painting and sculpture is my specialities. I always try to explore, research new things as I create from imagination and any kinds of materials at my disposal. I also like to develop  skills of techniques in my art and paintings. I try to develop my sense of creativity in my own world. Art the age of 6. I realized I have something in me that I need to let the world know. I then started my Art career through painting. My painting are relative . I prefer to express my art to the world through painting rather than just talking.”

He also added that his prime motive is to earn out of painting to support the less privileged in society. 

Now that you know Jay has some of the beautiful artful expressions in the world, don’t forget to connect with him via social media on; 

Facebook: JuliusPeaceman1 and website for orders and inquiries 

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