Video: Dellasie – Chop life


The queen of Afrobeat , Dellasie  is out with the video for her song  “Chop life”. A classic Afrobeat song heavily influenced by Reggae and Dancehall making it sound more urban.  The video was shot and directed By Kay The Kreator and gives more visual meaning to the song.

Africa’s new sensation,Dellasie (Source:

The New York-based musician is also a humanitarian, public speaker and muse. Her goal is to bring pan-africanism, afropolitianism and a “New Africa” to the forefront of pop culture. She started out in hip-hop nearly 10 years ago, and back in ’13 after a special trip in Ghana, she was fully inspired to fully transition over to afrobeats with the mentorship of the legendary Reggie Rockstone. Dellasie is also committed to bringing the image of Africa up to where it is and belongs. She represent the new generation of artists and innovators of afrofuturism.

Watch the video here!

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