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Benevolence: Afrobeat singer, Jinjah ready to fund Ebony’s casket

Ghana music industry and the entire nation went into shock when it was announced Thursday, February 8, 2018, that one of Ghana’s favourite female performers, Ebony had passed away. The tragic incident is said to have occurred when the 20-year-old singer, her P.A and a military officer were on board a Jeep with registration AS 497-16 from Sunyani heading towards Kumasi when it collided head-on with a VIP bus heading towards Sunyani from Kumasi.


Upon hearing the news, one of Ghana’s fast-rising Afrobeat singers, Jinjah has expressed his fret over the incident, adding that he is willing to provide a casket for Ebony. Jinjah, who rose to prominence with his hit single, titled ‘Etam’ featuring Highlife musician Bisa Kdei, was talking about his latest single, titled ‘Adaka’ (meaning ”Casket” in Twi) when he made the statement.

He told Pulse Ghana in an interview that Ebony would be missed due to her controversies, confidence and the fact that she represented the youth. ”The late Ebony will be missed a lot by Ghanaians because she was the topmost female dancehall artist with most controversial songs and also represented the youth in the most courageous manner by showing how confident any human can be”.

He stressed that he will voluntarily fund her casket if permitted by her family to do so. ”I am ever ready if the late family accept my offer to fund Ebony’s casket”. ”Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. I also stand on behalf of Ghanaians to show them love in my own little way as we all loved Ebony”, he added.

Explaining the concept of his song ‘Adaka’ which comes with a classic music video, he said ”I’m just advising that people should feel free and enjoy life and make the best use of it to the fullest because life is too short. And also, it’s just a God-given opportunity for us to exist in this world. We are to explore by making sure we value life and abstaining from troubles every day as a challenge that comes with the gift of life. So, always be grateful by staying positive and happy every day because the next you know you are in a hot closed casket”.

The music video, which features some hotties and exhibits his extravagant life, was filmed and directed by Mickey Johnson. The song’s production credit goes to Slimbo. Enjoy the full music video below and don’t forget to share your candid views with us.


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