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Lyrics/Audio: Koqromoti Relases ‘Heart desire’

Koqromoti keeps stepping up his game as one the hard working new artiste gradually on the rise. He has just dropped a  new single,’Heart desire’ mixed by Dj Hobby together with the lyrics for everybody to vibe along.

Kindly follow the link to download and don’t forget to also learning how to sing. Anticipate the video in few weeks.


Dix be song fi di gal dem
Koqromoti in the building, and you know how we do it right?
Eeei,let’s go.
>>>Dapz-life-style, Street Vibez<<<
Verse 1
Gal I know sey
I no dey make things ryt
But u n I
we still get da vibe
Ebi this tinz
wey dey make me cry
No doubts wen I see u
den I start dey shy
But gal see I want make it right babe
Cos d things u dey do lately
Gal I wanna make it ryt
I wan make we shine
Things u dey do
U dey make me crae
I swear walahi,walaahi.
Hmm,I swear walaahi
See I swear walaahi
Gal I swear walaahi
Vibe wd me on d low
U n I go go
Nobody else go know
Take it slow
Verse 2
U b ma heart desire
U dey put me on fire
24/7 me I never go retire
U 4 know right now sey
Na u I require.
Hmn,I require!
Repeat verse 2
Eee,I require!!!
Written by Young Eli (TVM Soldier)
© Koqnation music

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