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Review: Significance of the Gold in Okyeame Kwame’s “Saucing” Music Video

Quite interesting to say is the degree of chills that have ran down our spines when Okyeame Kwame released what is christened the hottest “Family affair” this year.

What has been an affirmation that the Nsiah-Apaus have solidified their ground as a home of talents is the creativity what is happening on “Saucing”. The video has been become addictive and forced attention to itself – the commitments, the creativity, the energy, the mesmerising concepts in there have paid off.

It is however worthy to note an outstanding event happening in the visuals, for there’s more to the pictures than meets the eye. Save for another discussion: the regal showcase, the choreography, the exquisite costuming…name them.

The video fades to an end with a quote, “Every moment spent with family is a golden moment. Invest in gold”. This is preceded by a profound scene revealing OK and his son in a pensive mood on a game of draught, and the latter is observed to make an impressive triple win. The boy is rewarded a piece of 18 karat gold, which he flaunts in pride.

This scene is a communication of the essense of strategy, a science that is relevant in the game of checkers (representing life). The highlight is that planning and critical thinking is inevitable for success. And its reward is always golden.

Here too, advert/product placement is done for bullion banking / gold dealership company, Menzbanc in the most enticing way; the viewer does not notice.

His effortlessness with employing the least available element including his own life to inspire has been remarkable. It has become his hallmark ever since he crystallised the OK brand; the most evident of his values as a musician.

“Saucing”, directed by Gyo Gyimah of Phamous Philms features the artistes’ two children (Sir and Sante). The song comes off OK’s “Made In Ghana” album together with “Best Rapper Alive”, “Hallelujah”, “Adonko” among others to be released this year.

Watch the full video here

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