Oti region: Maltiti Foundation Empowers Women in Banda with Investment Capital

by | Jul 11, 2024 | News

Banda, Ghana – In a remarkable show of support for women’s empowerment and community development, the Maltiti Foundation has provided investment capital to 30 women in Banda. Each recipient received a grant of one thousand Ghana cedis, as part of the Foundation’s ongoing efforts to uplift and strengthen local communities.

The founder of the Maltiti Foundation, Hajj Fawzie, emphasized that this initiative is her way of giving back to society. She recognized the critical role women play as primary breadwinners, especially in the face of current economic challenges.

“I want to see these women thrive and improve their standard of living,” Hajj Fawzie said. “This capital is meant to help them enhance their livelihoods and support their children’s education. Responsible parenting, particularly for our daughters, is crucial to reducing teenage pregnancy and school dropouts in our communities.”

Hajj Fawzie encouraged the recipients to use the funds wisely, with the goal of achieving long-term benefits for their families and the wider community.

This initiative underscores the Maltiti Foundation’s commitment to fostering economic resilience and educational advancement in rural areas, reflecting a broader vision of community empowerment and sustainable development.

The beneficiaries expressed their gratitude, highlighting how this financial support will enable them to start or expand small businesses, ultimately improving their economic situations and providing better opportunities for their children.

As the Foundation continues its work, it hopes to inspire other organizations and individuals to support similar initiatives that drive positive change in rural communities across Ghana.