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How to transfer Spotify songs to Apple Music, and more

If you’ve ever thought about switching your Spotify subscription to Apple Music, Pandora, YouTube Music, Deezer, or vice versa, one thing that probably made you change your mind is “how am I going to transfer all my songs from a streaming service to another?” Well, here’s the answer. If you …

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Apple Music announce AWEN as the latest Isgubhu cover star


Apple Music today announced French-Senegalese dance music singer-songwriter and producer, AWEN (real name Lucille Kante) as its latest Isgubhu cover star. Her debut album Redemption (2021), moves between soulful Afro House and deep spiritual trip hop and features Umlazi-born, self-taught Afro House producer and DJ, Enoo Napa on the title-track …

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Self-Publishing Music: How to Publish Your Own Songs

First things first: music publishing pertains to the commercialization of musical compositions, NOT to sound recordings. So, this information is relevant to songwriters, not to recording artists — although if you both write and perform, self-publishing can be very relevant. To understand why it’s so important for songwriters to have …

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