DJ Stephen’s Incredible Journey: From Intimate Ceremonies to Headlining Big events and Launching a DJ Academy

by | Jul 12, 2023 | News

In a captivating conversation with, Stephen Adeleke, widely known as DJ Stephen, shares his remarkable journey as a renowned DJ and promoter hailing from Ghana. With a thriving career as a radio and event DJ at Shine 96.9FM in Akatsi, DJ Stephen’s industriousness and unwavering dedication have set him apart in the industry.

Dj Stephen Academy

Starting his career as an assistant to established brands, DJ Stephen seized every opportunity to learn and refine his craft. After years of grappling to find his true calling, he found his stride when he joined Shine 96.9FM in Akatsi. Since then, he has played a pivotal role in promoting numerous Ghanaian music talents, including the likes of Shatta Wale, Keeny Ice, Camidoh, Edem, Kuami Eugene, Chief One, Jah Phinga, Dopenation, and many others.

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As an influential radio personality, DJ Stephen’s popularity extends beyond the airwaves. He commands the streets of the Southern side of the Volta region with his highly anticipated annual street event, the “120 Street Carnival.” Recognized as one of the region’s premier events, the carnival has captivated audiences for the past five years. Additionally, he headlined the inaugural edition of the River Jamboree in December last year and the Street Jamboree organized by Champs Hub in Juapong in July 2023.

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Below: Dj Stephen performing at Street jamboree,Juapong [Photo: Jonilar]

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When asked about the overwhelming love and support he receives during events, DJ Stephen attributes it to his relentless work ethic and personal sacrifices. He also acknowledges the positive influence of his collaboration with Mcee Flexal and other esteemed colleagues in the industry, who contribute to the energy and success of his performances.


Explaining the motivation behind the establishment of the “DJ Stephen Academy,” DJ Stephen reveals that he had been informally involved in training aspiring DJs for some time. However, recognizing the need to expand his reach and create a comprehensive institution for nurturing raw talent into influential brands, he embarked on the journey of building the academy. With the support of his radio station, fellow colleagues, and partners such as Shugga creative, Talent Quest and, the academy is steadily making strides towards its goals.


Digital Music Education Seminar

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Looking ahead, DJ Stephen eagerly anticipates securing substantial funding to acquire state-of-the-art equipment, expansive venues, and other electronic gadgets that will foster growth and innovation. He also envisions extending the academy’s footprint to the nation’s capital to meet the increasing demands of aspiring DJs and promoters.

Currently, DJ Stephen holds the esteemed title of official DJ for Keeny Ice, who has been gaining widespread recognition with his new single, “Frazz,” featuring guest appearances from Chief One.

As DJ Stephen continues to make significant contributions to the Ghanaian music scene, his passion for his craft and commitment to empowering others through the DJ Stephen Academy exemplify his status as an influential figure and a driving force within the industry.

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Written by: Jonilar