Digishare Africa Unveils Rebranding, Diversifies into Research and Music Data Management

by | Jul 10, 2023 | News

Digishare Africa is a leading company specializing in researching music streaming data collection and analyzing music streaming data for the betterment of the music industry both locally and internationally. As a member of the Aureeben Group, Digishare Africa combines its expertise in data analytics with a passion for music to provide valuable insights and innovative solutions to drive growth and success in the dynamic world of music streaming.

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Our mission at Digishare Africa is to empower the music industry by harnessing the power of data. We strive to provide accurate, actionable, and comprehensive insights that help artists, record labels, streaming platforms, and other stakeholders make informed decisions, optimize their strategies, and unlock new opportunities in the ever-evolving music landscape.



  1. Music Streaming Data Collection:

Digishare Africa specializes in collecting vast amounts of music streaming data from various platforms and sources. With advanced data acquisition techniques and cutting-edge technology, we ensure the collection of accurate and extensive data sets that serve as the foundation for our analytical services.


  1. Data Analysis and Insights:

Our team of skilled data scientists and music industry experts utilize state-of-the-art analytics tools and techniques to analyze the collected music streaming data. By leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning models, we extract meaningful insights and trends that enable our clients to make data-driven decisions, identify emerging opportunities, and understand consumer behavior patterns.


  1. Market Research and Trend Analysis:

Digishare Africa conducts comprehensive market research and trend analysis to identify shifts in consumer preferences, genre popularity, regional variations, and emerging market trends. By staying at the forefront of industry developments, we provide our clients with up-to-date market intelligence, helping them adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing music ecosystem.


  1. Strategic Consultation:

We offer strategic consultation services to assist our clients in developing effective business strategies, marketing campaigns, and content distribution plans. Our experienced team provides personalized guidance and recommendations based on the unique goals and challenges faced by each client, helping them maximize their potential and achieve sustainable growth.


Partnerships and Membership:

As a member of the Aureeben Group, Digishare Africa benefits from a strong network of industry connections and collaborations. Our partnerships with major music labels, streaming platforms, artist management agencies, and industry associations enable us to access diverse data sources and foster collaborations that drive innovation and growth in the music industry.


Commitment to Data Security and Privacy:

At Digishare Africa, we prioritize the security and privacy of the data entrusted to us. We adhere to the highest standards of data protection, employing robust security measures to safeguard confidential information and ensure compliance with applicable data protection regulations.


Digishare Africa, as a member of the Aureeben Group, is dedicated to advancing the music industry through data-driven insights and solutions. Our passion for music combined with our expertise in data analytics positions us as a trusted partner for artists, labels, and streaming platforms seeking to understand, adapt, and thrive in the ever-evolving music streaming landscape. With our commitment to excellence, innovation, and client success, we are shaping the future of the music industry, one data point at a time.