DOGO: iOna Reine Replies Critics In New Song Featuring Cabum – Listen.

by | Aug 19, 2022 | Music

Ghanaian female artiste, iOna Reine just put out a new song, “Dogo” featuring Cabum. The song released digitally today August 9, 2022 is one of her many releases this year adding up to her beautiful catalog of Afropop songs to come out of Ghana.

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Titled in Ewe; the second most popular Ghanaian language, “Dogo” literally means “Get out” or another way of telling someone to mind their business instead of nosing into people’s affairs.

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“Dogo” is a counter-response to the many unjustified controversies she has repeatedly denied. Many social media users including some fans have previously come to iOna after her friendship with celebrated Hiplife artiste, MzBel turned sour about two years ago. Even though she has come out to explain situations leading to that incident, some people still abuse her on social media etc.


In this song, she asked these critics to focus on themselves instead of peddling lies just to tarnish her image. Outstanding rapper Cabum also complemented her emotion and frustrations by recounting a real life situation as a way of motivating her and other people in this situation to stay strong and firm.

iOna reine is a professional midwife, sexual health advocate, philanthropist and a singer with a distinctive voice. Her deep baritone is a turn on for many of her fans and music lovers in general. She has many singles including an album to her credit. “Dogo” is the latest addition as an independent artiste striving endlessly to reach millions across the world with good music.

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