Toni Amani Sets February’s Tone Right With ’Lovin You’ Video.

by | Feb 17, 2022 | Videos

Tony Amani’s visuals for ‘Lovin You’ premiere today and it couldn’t have been more convenient. ‘Lovin You’ is available on all digital streaming platforms globally here:

IMG 6855

The new clip arrives with an added dose of tenderness for lovers of the audio release. Directed by Randy, there are shots of the song’s stars – Toni Amani and Reynolds the Gentleman – putting on a vocal performance alongside their abilities with the guitar and piano respectively.


But there’s more to the inviting experience put out by the two. There are scenes of a picture-perfect couple to constantly remind you of what ‘Lovin You’ is all about, in case you missed the memo. All this is done subtly however and is cute enough to sell you the feeling on offer.

‘’Once we started recording ‘Lovin You’, I already had the type of video I wanted in mind… something simple, yet endearing’’, shares Toni Amani. ‘’The goal was to not distract viewers from the song’s great lyrics and portray what we felt is the best type of love for a month like February. I enjoyed every bit of it’s shooting with Reynolds and I hope you guys enjoy what you see’’.

If you missed out on the audio, Tony Amani’s new video is a good point of reference, which although simple, is captured in a style that is testament of the quote; simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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