Nigerian Star Jaywillz Drops New ‘Sunflower’ EP.

by | Feb 17, 2022 | Africa

Budding Nigerian singer and ‘Medicine’ crooner Jaywillz has released his third masterpiece body of work, ‘SunFlower’ Extended Play (E.P).

As of February 11, 2022, the album became available on all digital platforms worldwide and fans all over the continent are talking about it.


‘SunFlower houses six incredible records including ‘Skin Tight’, ‘Spoils’, ‘Wishlist’, ‘Problems’, ‘Baby’, and ‘Off the Light’.

The second you hit the play button, the vocal powerhouse takes you through his journey of love that listeners can easily relate to.

The first song ‘Skin Tight’ talks about a girl the singer just met that he keeps dreaming about. This woman is being pursued by every man in the country but Jaywillz wants to keep her all for himself.

After grabbing his girl, Jay then goes on to promise to ‘Spoil’ his girl with all her needs as he assures her that she’s the only one for him and won’t hesitate to eliminate anyone who tries to separate them.

The third record ‘Wishlist’ which is slowly becoming a fan-favorite sees the singer tell his new girl that she is his ‘Wishlist’. In essence, everything he wished for in a woman, she has got it. In the same vein, he urges his woman to make her wishes and hell make sure to provide them.

The last three songs ‘Problem’, ‘Baby’ and ‘Off The Light’ tackle how the composer of the song wants to make it in life and enjoy his hustle even though everyone has got problems

‘Baby’ is another number of assurance to one’s lover. If you have a woman and you want to dedicate yourself to her, dedicate ‘Baby’ to her.

Last but not least ‘Off The ‘Light’ is the climax of the EP. After assuring his woman of his unending love, with eh woman convened as well, its time fo ‘Off The Light’.

The woman is ready to give her all to Jay and this is the point the love is cemented and ready to last forever.

Sunflower (EP)’ is a great piece of music you will want to add to your playlist and play endlessly.

Sunflower is an EP that you’ll definitely want to add to your playlist, especially as we are in the season of love.

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