MusicMatch Lets You Share Your Spotify Links With Your Apple Music Friends

by | Dec 14, 2021 | Music Tech

The MusicMatch app for iOS lets users open Apple Music links in Spotify and Spotify links in Apple Music, depending on which service they use.

MusicMatch is an iOS app that lets Spotify users open Apple Music links and Apple Music users open Spotify links in their respective music streaming service of choice. Sharing links between music streaming services has always been a pain. The links simply don’t operate, and most of the time, it only plays 15-30 second samples as it requires a subscription to the service.

These days, the main difference between all the major music streaming services is features. Spotify is known for its AI-based individualized playlists, Apple Music is an excellent choice for those who maintain a local music library in addition to streaming, and Pandora is known for its radio feature. Either way, there’s no wrong choice. The catalogs are all very similar to one another, and pricing is virtually the same across most of the big players.

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The MusicMatch iOS app bridges the gap for those who use Spotify but have Apple Music friends or vice versa, at least on iPhone and iPad. The app allows Spotify listeners to open Apple Music links in Spotify and Apple Music users to open Spotify links within Apple Music. And with the Safari extension, users can do this without needing to open the app. And according to the app’s description, support for YouTube Music, Tidal and Pandora are on the way. The app is available as a free download and requires an iPhone or iPad running iOS 15 or higher. And for Mac users, the app requires a Mac with an M1 chip running macOS 12.0 Monterey or later. Unfortunately, the app is not compatible with Macs with Intel chips.


The app is pretty straightforward. Simply open the ‘Settings’ app, scroll down to ‘Safari,’ tap ‘Extensions,’ turn on ‘MusicMatch,’ and turn on ‘All Websites.’ With the extension, users don’t need to copy the URL, they can simply tap links, and it will automatically open in the correct music streaming app.

All in all, it solves a problem that many have been complaining about over the years as the number of music streaming services continues to grow and as more and more people start subscribing to music streaming services. While it is nice that it’s available on iOS, the functionality would be great on all platforms. Spotify and Apple Music are easily the two most popular music streaming services out there, and Tidal, YouTube Music, and Pandora aren’t too far behind. Though, support for more niche services such as Qobuz, Deezer, and Amazon Music would also be appreciated.