Spotify’s iOS app will support AirPlay 2 streaming after all

by | Aug 9, 2021 | Music Tech

It claims there was a mixup over the music streaming feature.

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Don’t worry about claims Spotify won’t support AirPlay 2 on iOS — the doom and gloom were a bit premature. iMore reports that Spotify has ‘clarified’ its plans and will support AirPlay 2 streaming after all. The digital music giant didn’t say when you might expect the feature, but promised updates “when they become available.”

A representative previously claimed AirPlay 2 wasn’t practical due to audio driver compatibility problems. It hadn’t completely ruled out the concept, but suggested that it wouldn’t be viable in the “foreseeable future.”

We wouldn’t expect a prompt turnaround on the feature even after Spotify’s follow-up statement. However, this could still prove reassuring. AirPlay 2 should make it easier to stream music to HomePods and other devices that support Apple’s media technology but have either limited or non-existent integration with Spotify itself.