Discover your music taste in colors with ‘Spotify Palette’

by | Jul 19, 2021 | Music Tech

People love to share their music tastes online. While Apple Music still has a long way to go with its shareable features, like the Replay playlist, Spotify has given its users a variety of options for them to show what they’re currently listening to.

Even so, this doesn’t stop other people to create clients to help share how their music taste works. Spotify Palette, for example, creates a palette of colors based on what you’re listening to.

Created by developer Israel Medina (via The Focus), Spotify Palette is simple and fun to use. You just need to log in with your credentials and then the web app analysis your music taste and gives you a palette.

For example, my music taste is “Red,” which means I listen more to energetic sounds.

Red is the color of passion or desire and can also be associated with energy.

Average Danceability: 58%

Average Energy: 61%

Average Valence (positive): 48%


After your palette is created, you can learn in what songs Spotify Palette based its decision.


Across the internet, some users shared different palettes. For example, if your palette is more orange, the toll explains that this is the color of movement, while a pastel pallet is for “highly danceable and energetic songs.”

Spotify Palette is free to use and you can learn more about it here. If you like to combine colors with your music taste and personality, this might be the experience you’re looking for.