Find the Lyrics to Your Favorite Songs With These 7 Apps

by | Jul 9, 2021 | Music Tech

Whether you want to hum to your favorite song or prepare for a music competition with your friends, you need to have the right lyrics. Unfortunately, it can be hard to understand the words sometimes; that’s why you need accurate lyrics to sing along to.

There are lots of mobile apps that provide you with the lyrics to the songs you are looking for. Here are the best lyrics apps you can get for Android devices.

1. Genius

Genius has one of the world’s largest lyrics collections. With Genius, you can also play your favorite tunes while reading the lyrics at the same time. The app also offers facts about the song from the actual artists and producers.

It is a great app if you want to know more about the songs you like. You also get to keep track of trending songs that are currently top on the charts.

When you favorite your top songs, you can read the lyrics when offline. And if you don’t want to use other apps to identify music when on the go, Genius has a feature to give you the name of the song you are listening to.

Download: Genius (Free)

2. Shazam

Although Shazam is mostly known for identifying songs, there is more to this app. You can view the top songs by country and genre. In addition, you can watch the music video and get the lyrics while you listen to the song from this app.

It is also simple to share the lyrics with your friends. With every song you play, you can access the artists’ other music too. The Shazam app is straightforward to use when searching for lyrics to any song you want.

Download: Shazam (Free)

3. Musixmatch Lyrics

You can connect to Musixmatch to enjoy songs from your Spotify account, YouTube, Apple Music, and Soundcloud. When you tap on the real-time notification, you can display floating lyrics over these apps.

Musixmatch is unique because you can access all the lyrics you love in different languages, including French, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Russian, and Japanese.

The premium version of Musixmatch offers unlimited translations to over 60 languages, word-by-word lyrics, and the ability to save lyrics offline. You also have to pay to access different backgrounds when reading and editing lyrics.

Download: Musixmatch (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. QuickLyric

QuickLyric is a lyrics app for Android designed to give you the words to any song you are looking for. This app works perfectly with other apps like Spotify, and you can also enable floating lyrics on top of your music players.

All you have to do is start playing music and hit refresh on the QuickLyric app. You can opt for the full text of lyrics or synchronized lyrics that move with the song.

With QuickLyric, you can save lyrics offline. You can also hold up your phone to identify any song, no matter where you are. If necessary, you can upgrade to premium to get rid of ads and enjoy custom night mode.

Download: QuickLyric (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. SoundHound

SoundHound is a music app with tons of features that music lovers can enjoy. It is also one of the best music recognition apps available today. You can get the lyrics to any song and discover music playing around you within seconds.

This app is free and can automatically add music to your Spotify playlists. You can also create your playlist on SoundHound and easily track all the song lyrics you have discovered with the history tab.

Download: SoundHound (Free) | SoundHound Pro ($5.99)

6. ALSong

ALSong is not only a lyrics app but also a music player. You can sing along to your favorite song with all the lyrics on the screen. On this app, you can sync lyrics and change the font size to suit your comfort.

With the ALSong app, you can view and edit song information. You also have the option of floating lyrics over other apps. You get access to the top trending songs on the charts, and you can always search for lyrics to different songs.

Download: ALSong (Free)

7. Lyrics Library

This lyrics app is different from the others on the list because of the features it offers. The Lyrics Library allows you to download, share, write, and organize your lyrics into folders. You can easily keep track of the lyrics you have and search for others online.

The lyrics you view will be available offline. When you add them to your home library, they will be saved on your device’s local storage.

The interface is simple to use to get lyrics fast. With the premium version, you can remove ads and back up your local lyrics.

Download: Lyrics Library (Free, in-app purchases available)