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New Music + Lyrics: Keeny Ice – Headshot

Name: Keeny Ice
Song: Headshot
Produced: Two Bars
Record label: Moshe’s Musik
Release date: 4th March, 2020.




Ne mè fùa ne nà fù

I’m dropping bars like it’s prison break, I’m a beast you can’t cage;
You wonder why I rock so well, I’m from the stone age;
Gbedekorpe kuborlor I no dey fear face, ready to stomp your yard then I leave it all in wreckage;

I think it’s time I hit the snooze on you alarm rappers;
And when I’m done, I swear you go need ghostwriters;
I’m in a league of champions I no dey roll with starters;
Cus hen coop no get nothing to show the skyscrapers;

Yo Fuck it, I’m a god;
Even in light-off I still go show you I’m in charge;
Biggest cat in the game, me wey you for pet;
I no be message from the bank though but I’m still alert;

Uh be like you no know what you dey stand for;
How you go fit shake a table wey u sef dey chop for;
This kinda mess you dey create now it’s so uncalled for;
Your machete be too blunt for the neck you came for;

And I heard you claiming it was nature’s call but this call is kinda looking like your biggest fall;
Well, maybe you really had a nature’s call but then again I still dey feel you for no pick that call;

Cus you really raised a point but you still be pointless;
I’m disappointed, you spoke though but u were voiceless;
Punches be fowl feather, I mean they be weightless;
Rhyme schemes no dey carry flavour, they be tasteless;

On the real but this be disgrace to rap;
You could have used another medium but you chose to rap;
Ewe gang is not impressed but they’re forced to clap;
They no want admit say dema king be wack at rap;

No bore just take it as a lesson you learnt;
If u need room for improvement I get some for rent;
If u need lines for some verses in the future just, call on your boy, I no go waste time to come represent;

Nu ɖeke kraa me kpɔ dzɔ oo loo ekua ntɔ lè mɔdzi gbɔna;
Kpedevimawo ne lè hlɔ aa ɖé mì bla alidzi mè gbɔna;
Nyè me dzi be ma va pã pii oo mè sã ɖe corner dzi vɔa ɖe né gàmè aa sù koa ézò ʋu ge de mì wu sauna;

Ne mè fùa ne nà fù
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