A journey through Lady Jay’s new album; “Anywhere You Dey”

by | Mar 3, 2020 | News

2020 started on a good note for Ghana music. Musicians are setting new standards with productions and this is evident in the Six(6) tracks Ep, “Anywhere you dey” by one of the most beautiful female musician in Ghana, Lady Jay.

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Lady Jay is not a new name on Ghana’s music scene; she’s well known for songs like ‘Freedom’ and ‘Venus’ which is doing extremely well on Youtube with over 84,000 views and still counting. If you’ve ever experienced her live performance before then you also know the real deal.

“Anywhere you dey” is not just a regular collection of songs but a body of work representing her journey, growth, evolution and proper understanding of music as an art.

The song are themed around love, desire, feelings and openness; which is rare – especially in Africa where women hardly makes the first ‘move’ in a relationship.

One common feature that was deployed in creating of the songs is the use of common words and phrase. Track 2 was titled, “Pimpinaa” a common term in Ghana used to express love.

Lady Jay did not just want a feature but a chemistry that will give audience the best they ever hard. Big names like Joey B, EL, Magnom and Nigeria’s Dammy Krane in their own way complimented her delivery with their verses.

Every single song on the EP is a whole atmosphere with beautiful mental images and mood. There songs for your first-date, relaxation, weird moments and ‘doggy’ hours with you blue lights on.

All contributors including producers, song writers, instrumentalist played their roles without any hesitation giving birth to this awesome Ep that is about to take over.

Lady Jay released this beautiful sound at the time some music makers are gravitating towards one-time hits. “Anywhere you dey” has the potential of crippling that system when two of the songs on the EP, “Odo nana” and “For you you you” finds its way to the commercial space in Ghana and beyond.

“Anywhere you dey” is pure manifestation of girl’s power. Give them chance and they can do more than katty perry and others. Congratulations to Wahala Entertainment and YVE Digital for this project. The EP is available worldwide on Apple Music, Youtube, Spotify etc .