How To Set Up a Spotify Artist Account And Get It Running

by | Feb 26, 2020 | Music Tech

1. Sign-up for an account with Spotify (this is free) and we’d suggest using the username you want as your artist name. ( )Don’t signup using FB, it will link your artist account to your personal Facebook account, which is fine when you are little but as you grow and management become involved, they will need to login to your personal FB to access or get it changed and it’s a bit of mission.

2. With your profile, you can build followers on the actual profile and on the playlists you create.You can get your profile verified, but its not essential.


3. From your profile you build your playlists, these can be anything you like, use the opportunity as an artist to be authentic, so don’t just put up a simple tracks i’m playing playlist.   Be more creative, after party tracks, bath time tracks, running tracks, tracks to cook to – you get the idea.

( Made In Ghana playlist:

4. Your tracks you are playing you want to keep that updated – Spotify recommend daily but weekly is fine for a new artist.  When you update it you want to share that across all your other socials as a weekly piece of content.


5. If you are releasing tracks then make sure on the day of release you put your own tracks in to that playlist, the followers on the playlist will then get your new track.


6. If you are giving away free downloads on Soundcloud make sure you use one of the tools to drive followers for Spotify profiles/playlists


7. Make sure you include your shinny new profile link ( all your socials and if you have a website you can grab a widget like the one below to gain followers for your profile.