Top 20 Tv Radio Interview Tips

by | Aug 8, 2019 | Music Tech

When you are promoting a show or a tour or an album you may get the chance to be on TV or the Radio. I’ve been on TV Radio Interviews many times and got media training that really helped. Here are my top 20 TV Radio Interview tips that you can use to get ready to tell your story and deliver a message that the viewer will remember:

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  1. Make sure you understand the exact takeaway you want the viewer or listener to have.
  2. Work on your “quotable take away” and practice giving it in different situations.
  3. What is your CTA – what do you want them to know about you or do?
  4. Get a simple and succinct set of phrases down to deliver your story.
  5. If you can include facts, figures or references in your story it will make it easier to remember.
  6. Practice your interview several times so you are prepared and confident.
  7. Be early and get yourself ready for the event, hair, makeup, confidence.
  8. Wear solid colors, not all black and not all white. No patterns.
  9. Smile and be positive. No negativity of any kind.
  10. Know where the cameras are.
  11. While being interviewed in person, look at the interviewer, not the camera.
  12. If you plan to perform, practice before you go in and see what you look like on video ahead of time.

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  13. Lean forward a bit towards the camera. Let your personality shine.
  14. Bring/send any logo or graphic with you so they can flash it on the screen.
  15. Be sure to talk with the interviewer before you go live and ask what questions you are going to get.
  16. If there is a producer involved, ask where to stand or sit, where to look and what they’re expecting.

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  17. If you can feed the interviewer part of your story before you go live they can set you up to deliver it.
  18. Don’t mumble or use umms, uhhs, wells, you knows, likes. Don’t say “I think”.
  19. Don’t refer to any prior conversations you had off air.
  20. Avoid jargon and speak plainly so a 12 year old can understand you.
  21. Don’t drink alcohol before the interview, avoid milk and carbonated beverages.
  22. Have fun with it

Credits: New Model/Digishare Africa/Jonilar