Francis Amissah, founder of TalkMediaGhana covered in Germany-based Infleur Magazine

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Accra – Ghana, July, 1, 2019: Fresh off featuring in UK’s Perazim Magazine and also launching a top-class portfolio/CV website, the founder of TalkMediaGhana, Francis ‘Banks’ Amissah has bagged another feature in an international magazine for his good works.

In an interview with European (German) based Infleur Magazine, an online magazine which covers interviews, events, gossip, projections, fashion & lifestyle, as well as anything that has to do with influencers and influencer marketing, Francis shed light on his job, experiences and a few fun facts.

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When asked how he started his career and some of his biggest achievements, he said; ”Getting to work with Coptic has to be one of my finest. I mean how often does one get to work with a legend who produced for Hip-Hop legends and idols such as The Notorious B.I.G., Diddy, Usher, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Trey Songz etc. and even for brands like NIKE? Rarely! On a personal level though, putting together my small, yet awesome team of super dedicated people in the form of digital marketers, a web and graphic designer, photographer and editor that have my back has to be my finest. If I were a face, they’d be the many muscles responsible for all my expressions. Shout outs to them”.

Francis also commented on how difficult or easy it is being an influencer in Ghana and if this ‘career’ has been widely accepted? He said; ”Very difficult, if I’m being honest with myself. The Ghanaian market in my opinion still has a lot of ground to cover on the perceived importance and role of influencers. But it’s not all gloom at this end because being an influencer is gradually venturing into the ‘acceptance’ phase”.

On being asked about fellow influencers he looked up to, he replied; ”Muhammida El Muhajir is one of the very people he looks up to. She’s not really an influencer though, but more of a digital marketer, media consultant, entrepreneur and filmmaker. Then, there’s Jeff Kufe. Jeff is into strategy management & cultural capital…”. He concludes with their work ethic being what continually keeps him inspired.

Francis’ job is publishing news. He is like your average newspaper, news agency or radio station who strives to keep people up to speed on real time entertainment news. He also spends time promoting new brands, making sure they meet their targets and achieve their goals. This is a crucial part of what he does – making the unknown known.


Francis ‘Banks’ Amissah is undoubtedly one of the best bloggers in Ghana currently. Check him out on his portfolio website – There, you will get his Electronic Press Kit (EPK), clientele and a detailed bio. Also visit for up to the minute news updates on anything afro-entertainment.


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Hey guys! Today’s a special day! In our latest article, INfleur meets up with Ghanaian digital marketer and blogger, Francis Amissah. Francis, professionally as Banks, is a young, gifted man who is more than your average blogger! With hardwork and consistency, he’s gradually building his brand, TalkMediaGhana, into an empire. In this interview, @1banksofficial talks more about his job, experiences and life in general. Enjoy this piece! Link in bio #talkmediaghana #francisamissah #banks #interview #digitalmarketer #pr #blogger #ghana #article #infleur #influencer #life #experiences

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