Stop Making a Fuss About Dobble Break Up

by | May 4, 2016 | Features

Why do we always create the impression that when a music group breaks up or splits, the world will come to an end? Everything that has a beginning has an end. No matter what you do, no music group will exist for ever. If a member or members of a music group don’t quit, some will eventually die and leave the other(s) behind. It is nature!

In life, joining a music group and breaking away later is just like deciding to attend Methodist Church and later attend Musama Disco Christo Church. It is just like leaving a business partnership to go into sole proprietorship.
And who cares if members of a defunct music group do not survive? Who are you to tell someone they are dumb for divorcing their wives or husbands?

At a point in time people have different interests, orientations, beliefs, world-views and directions and in pursuance of these, chart different causes. One may quit music (or a music group) to do radio, go into banking or even become a pastor.
The truth is that some “broken away” members of music groups will definitely survive in their solo projects; others won’t survive – and that is their headache.


There are a lot of talented up and coming musicians who are readying to also make their mark in the music industry so let’s not worry so much about musicians who through their actions and inactions decide to render themselves irrelevant.
If Dobble has truly split, let them go do their individual stuffs. Let’s wish them well and stop badmouthing them.
When the going gets tough, the tough will skate through

Listen to ‘Give thanks’ by Dobble –

Ennwai Dobble – Give Thanks (Prayer Riddim) (Prod. by Otion)


Written by: Kwame Dadzie