Quenching Thirst, Nurturing Lives: The Clean Water Initiative

Schools Support Project @SspGhana 5

Access to clean water is a fundamental human right, yet many remote and deprived villages around the world still lack this essential resource. In an effort to address this issue, Jonilar.net has launched the Clean Water Initiative under the Schools Support Project. This intervention aims to provide clean water to these underserved communities, enabling them […]

Water crisis: What’s in Your Glass vs. What’s in Theirs

Photos: Jonilar.net  Access to clean drinking water remains a pressing issue in various parts of Ghana, and the Volta region is no exception. Numerous remote villages in this region, such as Ayitikope, Tornu, Gborkope, Azagunorkope, Vokpoe, and Melenu, face the challenge of lacking a reliable source of clean drinking water. Unlike areas connected to the […]

Keeny Ice to absorb a year school fees for a fan who sings most of his songs

Ghanaian musician, Keeny Ice on Sunday, 1st May,202 promised to pay one year  school fees for a  teenager and staunch fan who sang most of his songs at  “HangOut with Keeny Ice” at Eleme Beach Resort at Kedzi in the Keta municipal district of the Volta region. Explaining how he spotted Vincent, the ABM Global signee said […]

Clean Water Initiative: Drilling of Borehole begins at Dorfor Tornu

Drilling of Borehole currently underway at Tornu Dorfor. In the next few weeks, our people should start drinking water from a good source. We are grateful to Vell Marty ॐ for this beautiful partnership.   To Rising Roots Foundation, Akuffobea Foundation, The Mela Shop & Farms, Shugga Creatives we are God bless you all. This […]

Schools Support Project & Kidz closet donates donates to Island village

So today being Sunday, we decided to embark on a charity trip to Dorfor Kome an island in the Volta region. Together with Ghanaian kids clothing shop, Kidz closets, we’ve been able to go reach out to kids and dwellers on this particular island with new clothes for their Christmas this year. It is our […]

Schools Support Projects organizes a career forum for JHS graduates

Ghanaian Nonprofit organization, Schools Support Project has organized a one day career forum for 2021 Junior High School graduates. The forum happened today, 22nd November, 2021 at Loum Presby Basic School in the Shai Osudoku district to help graduates to make good career decisions for the future.  According to the leadership of the foundation led by Jonathan Nii Laryea […]

Pearl Naa Ashong urges students to take Basic communication skills seriously.

Ghanaian journalist and communication expert, Pearl Naa Ashong urges students to take basic communication lessons seriously. She made this call during Schools Support Project outreach at Luom Presy Basic School located in the Shai Osudoku district of the Greater Accra region. She also added that basic communication skills are now a prerequisite in becoming successful […]

Rising Roots Foundation partners Schools Support Project in Ghana

International charity organization, Rising Roots Foundation is partnering with Schools Support Project another non-profit organization in Ghana to impact lives.  Even though the two entities already have a solid working relationship, leadership of the Rising roots foundation made it official in a social media post while highlighting the progress they’ve made in the lives of […]

Portable water for Dorfor Tornu – Kindly get involved.

Dorfor Tornu is a small village located in the North Tongu district of the Volta region. Made up of almost five hundred (500) inhabitants, the farming community is known to have also contributed appreciably to Ghana’s bread basket. The calm village situated on the edge of Dorfor Adidome and also shares borders with Greater Accra […]

Schools Support Project (SSP) – Impacting Education in Rural Ghana

Schools Support Project (SSP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to making a positive impact on education in deprived and remote schools and communities in Ghana. Established on 2nd June, 2021, by Ghanaian Digital Music Education and Tourism website, Jonilar.net, SSP aims to address the educational challenges faced by these communities. Our interventions focus on providing […]