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Africa’s Boomplay Announces Licensing Deal With Warner Music

 Boomplay, the largest music streaming and download service in Africa, has signed a direct licensing agreement with Warner Music to bring the record company’s diverse global roster of music to the region. The terms of the partnership allow Boomplay to distribute Warner Music’s extensive catalogue of more than one million songs to …

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Apple Music Officially Hits 50 Million Subscribers

The busy holiday season pushed Apple Music up to 50 million paid subscriptions.According to a report from the Financial Times last November, Apple Music had 56 million subscribers. The financial newspaper dropped that number while discussing the company’s future plans.  It remained unclear whether this included paid and trial users, or only …

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A Music Artist’s Guide To Nailing Social Media

We break down the best ways to fire up your social media strategy and grow your music career. Whether you’re a new independent music maker or a seasoned artist, getting your music in front of the right people is tough. Promoting your new track, pitching for gigs and managing your …

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How To Promote Your Music

How To Promote Your Music Most aspiring artistes have no idea how to promote their music. They’re stuck in a horrible process of going to the recording studio, uploading their music to Soundcloud or Youtuve, sharing the link on social media, and then expecting someone to hear their music and …

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