Music Expert Urges Documentation Of Ghanaian Music Veteran, Naa Amanua.

by | Apr 12, 2024 | News

Jonilar, one of Ghana’s top digital music experts and publicists, has issued a passionate appeal for the documentation of Naa Amanua, a stalwart in Ga and Ghanaian music.In a recent social media post, Jonilar underscored Naa Amanua‘s significant contributions to the music industry, describing her as a “strong pillar of Ga music and Ghanaian music.”

Naa Amanua 2

Despite her enduring legacy, he expressed concern over the lack of online presence and documentation of her works.”I’ve searched everywhere on the internet, looking for her dedicated social media accounts and streaming platforms, including YouTube, to see if her performances across the world can be found, but nope, there’s nothing like that,” remarked Jonilar.

Drawing parallels to global music icons like Bob Marley, Fela Kuti, and Michael Jackson, JONILAR emphasized the importance of preserving Naa Amanua’s musical heritage for future generations.”This is my humble appeal as a fan to the young men and women in Naa Amanua’s inner circle to do something. She’s an asset and national treasure,” urged Jonilar.


Furthermore, he suggested involving institutions such as the Accra Metropolitan Assembly and universities in documenting Naa Amanua’s life and career, proposing the inclusion of her story in museums and arts departments across the country.

Jonilar’s call to action extends beyond Naa Amanua, advocating for the documentation of other national figures and the preservation of Ghana’s rich history, culture, and heritage.”Ghana! We’re not doing enough for our national history and what defines us as people. Our history, culture, and heritage are rich. Let’s document and protect it,” emphasized Jonilar.