Ghanaian Actor Charles Telus Clinched Clean Sweep Badge at the World Monologue Games, Australia.

by | Aug 17, 2023 | News

In a triumphant moment for the world of acting, Charles Telus, a talented actor hailing from Accra, Ghana has clinched the coveted Clean Sweep Badge at the World Monologue Games,
an unparalleled international event that gathers top talent from 100+ nations.

This award is given to performers who receive a perfect score from the entire judging panel, a rare and impressive achievement.
Amidst the challenges the arts and entertainment industries faced over the past years, Charles Telus persevered undeterred.

Making a mark on the global stage, the actor submitted a remarkable entry to the World Monologue Games. Charles’ elation upon securing a spot in the event’s Regional Finals was palpable. Charles says, “Participating in this year’s World Monologue Games fills me with immense excitement.
It’s an honour to represent Ghana alongside various extraordinary performers
worldwide. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Pete Malicki and his team for creating this platform that showcases the talent and craft of actors from different parts of the world. I also want to thank all the judges for their time and for recognizing the efforts invested in the monologue I submitted.”
Initiated in 2020 by Australian producer Pete Malicki, who was determined not to let global lockdowns stifle creative opportunities, World Monologue Games is now in its fourth season. Commenting on the calibre of submissions, Malicki remarked, “This season promises to surpass all expectations. Judges
have noted a significant uptick in the quality of entries.

The six performers who won the Clean Sweep Badges were all mindblowing – I’m very excited for our upcoming season!” Charles’ triumphant achievement is underscored by a monologue about a Junior student interrogating his senior colleague. Reflecting on the experience, Charles shared, “The character I portrayed was the imagination of Albert Kyei-Baffour, a renowned movie director. Scripted by Josiiah Buckman, Jemilla Suleman and Albert Kyei-Baffour. He was an intriguing character. This was one of those moments when a junior student did the impossible by interrogating a senior student in an attempt to find some answers.

The character faced a complex challenge by embodying a bit of compassion and contempt, while also grappling with the uncertainty of the future. This required a nuanced performance that balanced conflicting emotions and motivations.”
The highly anticipated Regional Finals are set to be live-streamed from October 2023 onwards. Within this riveting showcase, winners across six categories will vie for substantial cash prizes and the honour
of securing a podium position at the prestigious Global Finals scheduled for December.

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