Hon. Kofi Iddie Adams Advocates for Review of Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE) by Next NDC Government

by | Jul 31, 2023 | News

Hon. Kofi Iddie Adams, Member of Parliament for   Buem Constituency  in the Oti region  has expressed his commitment to review the underlying principles of the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE) once the National Democratic Congress (NDC) forms the next government.


During a recent gathering of the Tertiary Education Institute Network (TEIN) at the Jasikan College of Education, Hon. Kofi Adams addressed a pressing concern within the education system. He emphasized that it is disheartening to witness numerous trained teachers being left unemployed due to their inability to pass the licensure examination.

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“It is truly concerning to witness qualified teachers, who have successfully completed their education at the College of Education, fulfilled compulsory teaching practice, and excelled in their examinations, being relegated to staying at home, while individuals without any formal teaching training are assigned to classrooms under the NABCO program,” Hon. Kofi Adams stated passionately.


He pointed out that if NABCO personnel can be assigned to teach without a teaching license, then newly trained teachers should undoubtedly be deemed qualified to teach since they possess the necessary training to excel in schools.


Hon. Kofi Iddie Adams pledged that the next NDC Government will take a closer look at the principles governing the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination. The aim is to ensure a more equitable and pragmatic approach in evaluating the capabilities of teachers, as well as guaranteeing that deserving educators are not left unemployed due to licensing challenges.


The review proposed by Hon. Kofi Adams seeks to streamline the licensing process, acknowledging the expertise and skills acquired by newly trained teachers in order to leverage their potential effectively within the education system.

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As the political landscape evolves, Hon. Kofi Iddie Adams’ commitment to improving the education sector remains steadfast. The NDC’s vision for educational reforms, including the review of the GTLE, demonstrates the party’s dedication to fostering a robust and inclusive learning environment for Ghana’s future generations.


About Hon. Kofi Iddie Adams:

Hon. Kofi Iddie Adams is a respected figure in the Buem Constituency legislature, known for his dedication to advocating for positive change and progress in the education sector. As a member of the NDC, he remains steadfast in his commitment to improve the lives of Ghanaians through impactful policy changes and initiatives.