ABM Global unveils short documentary about Keeny Ice’s upcoming Ep, “Sound check”

by | May 12, 2022 | News

In this 6 minutes documentary released by ABM Global today on YouTube, Musician Keeny Ice highlighted inspiration behind his upcoming “Sound check” extended play expected for the end of this month of May.

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The documentary also captures the spiritual bond between Keeny Ice and his growing fan base across the country and the new trajectory going into the future as a creative.

As an independent artiste who’s looking forward to taking music to the next level, Keeny Ice indicated his new body of work is going to serve a wider audience with focus on those who are emotionally distressed and motivation for all who need it.

Trending on social media this week is the anxious fans that can no longer wait for their Artiste to unleash the project. There are countless posts and tags also calling on the executive manager of ABM Global, Jonilar to give a specific release date.

Watch the documentary and be in the look for the “Sound check” Ep.

YouTube link –

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Born Barnabas Amu, Keeny Ice is a Ghanaian rapper, singer-songwriter and winner of multiple awards. After the release of his debut Ep, “Border vibes” Ep in 2021, he announced the beginning of an independent journey with his new management company, ABM GLOBAL.

He’s known for his style of rap, unique identity and heavy influence on the masses. He’s a soccer fan and also the founder of KICA Foundation, a non-governmental organization that seeks to empower teaching and learning of Creative arts in Ghanaian schools. Read more on KEENYICE.COM

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