DJ Akuaa Shares Highly Aesthetic Video For New Kweku Afro Collaboration ‘Chargie’.

by | May 10, 2022 | Music, Videos

DJ Akuaa is back on set with a new song and video bound to give you an early dose of that priceless summertime feel alongside Kweku Afro.

PHOTO 2022 09

With Summer ‘22 still yet to officially touchdown, DJ Akuaa and Kweku Afro already have the perfect sound for everyone’s mischief in new release ‘Chargie’ and what’s not there to like? Kweku Afro’s smooth vocals – which we must admit are up there with some of his best – beautifully set the song in motion using a romantic undertone all lovebirds can easily relate to.


But it’s the Tigon Creative Studio set pieces that gives fans all of the fun strokes. Kweku Afro’s refrain powers the sexy saxophone dances on-screen in a series of aesthetic backgrounds that often include himself, two dancers and of course DJ Akuaa, before she tops it all off with some memorable rhymes for her “chargie” in outfits sure to catch not just the corner of any wandering eye, but that of the pet chameleon she flaunts.

Like any song made for summer nerds, ‘Chargie’ is the song to beat this season and as DJ Akuaa put it “will have you calling your crush (aka chargie) for a good time”. ‘Chargie’ was produced by APYA and is available on all digital streaming platforms globally here:

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