Kafui Chordz Finally Releases “Daffodils” Album.

by | Apr 25, 2022 | Music

Ghanaian singer-songwriter Kafui Chordz has today, April 22, gifted the world yet another embodiement of art, an album titled Daffodils.

She took to her social media handles to announce the release of what marks her second studio album, by sharing its track-list and album cover.

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Daffodils is a 9-track album by the afro/r&b/soul singer, known in real life as Celestine Agropah. Upon the release of the album cover, many wondered what informed the her decision, but she gave insight into her choice of the album’s title.


“Daffodils are spring flowers that symbolise rebirth, hope, positivity and joy. They represent resilience and a fresh start as they are little survivors who have pulled through the winter storms; an appreciation for being alive”, she disclosed.

The album is a representation of the twist and turns of her life. Kafui Chordz further revealed, “I can relate to the symbolism of the daffodil flower because I’ve been able to weather difficult and challenging times where I emerged stronger, wiser, more beautiful and happier. The life of the daffodil flower resonates with mine and I know many people can relate too”.

Fans can look forward to eight solo, yet amazing songs on Daffodils, while Worlasi made the cut as the only featured artist on the 9-track project. The diversity of the records are also evident in the distinct productions from Mike Millz on Em, Luigi TWGT, Dob Music, Daniee Pro , Beat Beast, WHITE CHAPEL ( Nee Mantse, Babyyaw, Cosmos Mens, Joshua Moszi, Dave Merlington), Spon Keys and Enid, with major mixing and mastering credits to Qube.

Daffodils is out on all streaming platforms
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