This Cuts Right Through The Soul! ADOMCwesi’s ‘This Is Gospel’ & ‘Good Regardless’ Inspires.

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Debuting unto the music scene with a song that seeks to encapsulate what Gospel music truly stands for, this fast rising act will sweep you off your feet and plunge you into a divine ascension till you feel the breathe of God on your skin.


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Stream ‘This Is Gospel’ here:

Recorded live at the Levites Studio, the song dubbed, This Is Gospel, speaks volumes of who Jesus is and gives the listener enough room to worship.


Moreover, Good Regardless is ADOMcwesi’s personal testimony of his dealings with God.

Watch visuals for ‘Good Regardless’ below;

Seated upon a timeless Motown swing, the song is heavy on deep lyrics and inspiring biblical rhetoric that will uplift your spirit no matter the ditch you find yourself in.

Recorded at the Agape Carnival Rooftop Edition by Akesse Brempong, this song is just a tip of the entire iceberg of the gifted songwriting style of Gospel’s newest sensation.

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Stream ‘Good Regardless’ here:

He has several medleys and covers to his name already including GAM (Gospel Afrobeat Mashup) & Woyaya (Osibisa Gospel Edit) all readily available across all digital platforms.

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This Is Gospel lyrics

Chorus: 2x
(Call and response)
Jesus 5x
I love calling your name

Verse 1:
Your name is great
Your name is awesome
The Lily of the valley
Rose of Sharon
Who can stand against you Lord?
I love calling your name

My redeemer,my provider
The ancient of days
The great I AM
Even if there’s a greater God
I’ll still call on your name

(Call and response)
Jesus 5x
I love calling your name

Verse 2
You left your throne
And came to die
Just for me, oh! Wretched me
What have I done to deserve such love
Your love is so amazing

You made me your weakness
Showed me mercy and goodness
You arose from the grave
And gave us your Spirit…
So we can reveal and reflect you

Jesus 5x
I love calling your name

(Call and response)
Oh oh oh 3x
Oh uuh oh oh oh
(Call and response)


Ma me ny3 se wo, 3wo ahumbrase3 mu
Ma me ny3 se wo, 3wo nyansa mu
Ma me ny3 se wo, 3wo tumi mu
Ma me ny3 se wo, 3wo bibiara mu

Reprise (call & response)

Oh how we love you 6x
It makes me wanna
Chant in the Holy Ghost 6x

Eh ya ya eh Yahweh o 2x
Eh ya ya eh Yahweh
Kumama mama Kumama Yahweh
(Repeat 6x till end)

Good Regardless lyrics

No matter what comes my way
One thing I know is true
Jesus, you are good to me

No matter doubts in my mind
One thing I know is true
Jesus, you are good for me

You are good 3x Jesus

Oh oh oh
Call: You’ve been better to me than I’ve been to myself
Response: oh oh oh
Call: Although I ignored you and was greedy for wealth
Response: oh oh oh
Call: You bore all the shame, pain gave me good health
Response: oh ooh oooh

Oh oh oh
Call: No one can do me like you do oh God
Response: oh oh oh
Call: There is no other name by which men can be saved
Response: oh oh oh
Call: I know all things are working together for my good
Response: oh ooh oooh

Repeat chorus 3 times

Sake of you I no dey fear fiery furnace
(Cos of you I don’t fear the fiery furnace)
Make dem heat am up 7 times
(Let them heat it up 7 times)
I know say u dey gbenke me all the time
(I know you are by my side all the time)
So I dey kankpe, what be ur tukpe?
(So I’m strengthened, what weapon fashioned against me will prosper?)

Jesus the 4th man dey by me
(Jesus the 4th Man is beside me)
Although my eyes it cannot see
Enti nea otanfo beye biaara menfii
(So I won’t mind the afflictions of the enemy)
Cos like gold, I’m coming out refined

Repeat chorus till end.