Akesse Brempong making strides with ‘Blessed’ album

by | Mar 14, 2022 | Music

An anthology of 14 soul-inspiring songs was released on December 11, 2021, by gospel singer Phil Evans Akesse Brempong known in the gospel music circles as Akesse Brempong.


The body of work has been described by many music aficionados as one of the best albums to have emerged from the gospel space in terms of total production, vocal dexterity, and message.

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The album features Joe Mettle, MOG Music, Johnny Haick, Emmanuel Smith, Jermine Edwards, and the Tribe Of Judah band.

In a bumpy highlife fashion, ‘Victory’ which features Johnny Haick talks about how God’s unending love offers victory to mankind. The singers express how happy they are to have victory over all their trials and adversaries.

‘Good God’ is the second song on the album. This song positions Akesse Brempong in one genre that he really revels in – reggae. The song is filled with praise to God, appreciating his goodness and mercies of the Almighty God.

In a reggae vein comes a rendition of a popular traditional song ‘Osa Barima’ ( Lord Of War) which features Joe Mettle. The reggae touch gives a whole new feel to the song which has been overly performed by a lot of musicians. Joe Mettle’s rendition in Ga also gives the song a refreshing sound.

There is a clash of great vocals on Yahweh (Songs Of Moses) ft MOG Music. The two music giants team up in their vocal greatness to sing songs of exhalation to God.

Akesse Brempong continues to give more appellations to God in ‘Dom Barima’ (Lord Of Host). It does not end there; due to God’s ability to rescue the afflicted, he calls on Him to come to his aid. The singer is hopeful that God is unwavering in his ability to save one from falling off into a ditch.

The next track on the ‘Blessed’ album is another rendition of an already existing song. ‘Nyansaboakwa Nyame’, a popular Pentecost song, has been done by artistes such as Diana Hamilton. However, Akesse and Stephenia’s unique vocal deliveries sets this song apart from any other version that has been performed by any other artiste.

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In a beautiful minor scale rendition, Akesse begins with ‘Let us with a Gladsome Mind’. The song then modulates into a major scale and then he sings one other popular gospel song, ‘Na Hunumobor Tim Hor Daa’.

With the help of his band, Akesse sings ‘Fairest Lord Jesus’ on the next track. He then comes through with a ballad version of his old song ‘God Is Working’. The song is soothing due to the new appeal it carries in this form.

‘Roar’ is another ballad he did on the album. In this song, he tells God, who he describes as the Lion of Judah, to show his power over all powers. He acknowledges the fact that no one has more power to triumph over the work of God.

The amount of diversity and versatility of the artiste is awesome. How Akesse gets into another reggae tune called ‘Shout out Loud’ ft Jermine Edwards is amazing, especially with his approach to the vocals.

Emmanuel Smith was featured on ‘Show Them’ and he proved his mettle. The song done in Afrobeat style asks God to prove to the world how powerful he is. This is a song that a lot of people can easily relate to, especially for those who seek the face of God in the midst of their enemies.

Okamafo is another song that brought on board the VGMA Artiste of the Year, Diana Hamilton. The sikyi highlife is rich in message. It is also a praise song to God for all that he has done for mankind.

The album ends with ‘Blessed’ which features gospel heavyweight Joe Mettle. The song which has gained more popularity than probably most of the songs is also in Afrobeat vein. ‘Blessed’, which is also the title of the album, highlights how good God has been to the singers and all the blessings they have received from God’s goodness.

There is no doubt that his body of work by Akesse Bempong is a masterpiece!

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Story by: Kwame Dadzie