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by | Feb 25, 2022 | News

Vanilla Karr is an Equatorial Guinean multiple awards-winning pop star with an international influence. Born Netividad karr Borilo –  Vanilla started music at a very tender age with the support from her family. Her first approach towards music was as far back as 2007 when she recorded a song with her father’s Samuel Production.

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An attempt many described as successful and signs of a passionate young girl who’s ready to take on the world through music, fashion, and Entertainment. [Follow Vanilla karr on Linktree]


As part of the efforts to launch her musical ambitions – she participated in a competition at the famous Spanish Cultural Centre in Guinea where many enjoyed her amazing display of energy, talent and dedication.

She has since walked in the spotlight of that event. She also in an interview with the foreign media described moments at the competition as a “springboard for bigger things ahead of her”

After a thing or two with some home-grown studios and labels, she started a journey through neighboring central and West African countries performing at major events and earning top collaborations. One of such is “Odo Yewu” with Bisa Kdei an award-winning Highlife musician from Ghana. Also “Comment lui dire” with Kollins who is also one of the influential names across the Francophone sub-region.

She also has notable productions with JoeyB, Zesario Mc, Capasta Ambandi, Master Garzy and many more coming. She’s also the recipient of some major awards including  “Music video of the year” in  2016 and “Female artiste of the year” 2018 at Premios Joncham Guinea Equatorial.

As a growing force influencing generations through music, Vanilla Karr preaches passionately about love, African unity, cultural preservation, happiness among others in her music and videos.

She explained, these subjects are very important aspects of African society and the best way to keep them live is to reinforce them through her kind of music, arts and visuals. She has creative ways of expressing her thoughtfulness in Spanish, Portuguese, English, Bubi and fang two of the wildly spoken local languages in Guinea.

She currently works as an independent artist under the management of  Queen Karr Music and Digishare Africa Check out her songs on Spotify, Apple music, Boomplay, Audiomack, YouTube and other streaming platforms worldwide.

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