Concert At Indigo At The O2 means Growth – Kuami Eugene & Kidi

by | Jan 12, 2022 | News


Musicians Kuami Eugene and Kidi have expressed excitement at holding their own concert for the first time at the Indigo O2 Arena in the United Kingdom.

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It has always been the wish of Ghanaians for our our artistes to be able to host concerts across world platforms like other African countries.

Being their first major concert in 20220, the lynx entertainment signees could not hide their excitement but to share and also thank fans and loved ones for alway accepting and pushing the concert.

‘Dollar on You’ hitmaker Kuami Eugene told Doreen Avio in exclusive interview that performing alongside his colleague signee Kidi at the Indigo 02 is one that is special to them adding that being able to hold a concert at the venue
for him also means his music is being accepted by the world.

“We having our concert at the 02 Indigo is special, to be able to do that, it means you are being accepted somewhere and
you are being loved, your music is actually being listened to as an artiste. To have this is what everybody is seeking for.
That is what we are fighting for, to be listened to and to have the opportunity to have your tickets out there. This is the blessing every musician is asking for, so if we have it, we just just have to be thankful” He told Doreen Avio.

“Touch it” hitmake Kidi on the other hand also says for them to have their own concert at the O2 Indigo Arena In the UK shows growth in their musical Career adding that it is a step to promote Ghanaian music.

“It just shows growth. Like we have said, gone are the days in 2017, when i mount a stage to perform, I had only two songs, ‘Say you love’ and ‘Odo’. When i perform ‘Say you love me’ half, then we will restart again and it becomes two songs. When it gets to ‘Odo’ then i will play “Odo”
Reggae, Odo Hip Pop but right now we can be on stage for one hour and to come together and put Ghana out. This is the time, we all keep saying that Ghanaians
lets do this, Lets do that and we are making a step towards positivity, a step towards promoting Ghana and showing that Ghana boys, we no sleep, we are here to work with and to perform. For somebody to take their hard earned money to go and buy tickets, wear
your Jackets, leave your houses, bring your whole family is a blessing. I am excited and if you talk to my team, I’m pumped for this show.” He said told Doreen Avio.

The purpose of the event is to bring their UK followers and fans across the world together on one platform to have fun and dance to their favourite songs from both artistes and others who will support them on the day.

Kidi & Kuami Eugene concert will take place at the Indigo O2 Arena on 6th of March 2022 in London.

Story by: Doreen Avio