It’s All About ‘Bordoss’ On New Quamina MP And Sarkodie Song.

by | Oct 23, 2021 | Music

Ghana’s trusty hit boy, Quamina MP is back on the music radar again, this time with a roaring Hiplife wave on his hands and a guest verse from multiple award-winning rapper, Sarkodie.

Stream or download Quamina MP’s ‘Bordoss’ across all major digital platforms here:

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Like the many records from Quamina MP before it, ‘Bordoss’ is infused with the artist’s strong signature tone, energy and often amusing lyrics which never fail to set the mood right. Done over a DZY production matching of his style, Quamina MP and Sarkodie stunt as big spenders worthy of a grand entrance on the party-oriented song, with the ‘No Pressure’ big shot infallible in his delivery.


‘’I’ve always wanted to light up every dark room with my music, so as we approach the festive season despite COVID-19 and all its struggles, I want to sensitize people enough to get into a happy space and make merry. We’re in difficult times and this music is meant to get people dancing amid the madness’’, Quamina MP shared.

Quamina MP’s ‘Bordoss’ hinges on the all-too-familiar culture of saving up big to party non-stop during end of year festivities, serving as the ideal warmup to 2021’s last moments.

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