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Schools Support Project (SSP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to making a positive impact on education in deprived and remote schools and communities in Ghana. Established on 2nd June, 2021, by Ghanaian Digital Music Education and Tourism website,, SSP aims to address the educational challenges faced by these communities. Our interventions focus on providing essential resources, financial assistance, mentoring sessions, teaching support, skills training, and other relevant initiatives.

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To effectively achieve our mission, SSP has structured its projects into initiatives, ensuring dedicated management and support from our network of friends and partners. Each initiative targets specific areas and adopts a comprehensive approach. Here’s an overview of our key initiatives and their approaches:

1. Distribution of Learning and School Materials:
Many parents and guardians in rural areas struggle to provide necessary learning materials for their children. Recognizing this challenge, SSP is committed to distributing free learning materials at the beginning of each academic year. We seek partnerships to help us sustainably provide exercise books, pens, pencils, erasers, uniforms, belts, socks, bicycles, handkerchiefs, rulers, crayons, sketch pads, my first copy books, math sets, and more.

2. Clean Water Initiative:
Through our charitable endeavors, we have encountered areas in Ghana with picturesque landscapes but lacking proper access to clean water. These remote locations are often disconnected from the national water distribution network. In response, we have implemented initiatives to ensure a constant supply of clean water to villages, distributed water filters and buckets, and drilled standard boreholes as permanent solutions. The Clean Water Initiative remains a significant challenge due to associated costs. We humbly appeal to friends, organizations, and potential partners who share our interest to join us in providing clean water to the less privileged.

3. Girls for the Future Initiative:
We strongly believe in empowering the girl-child to become influential and successful women in the future. At Schools Support Project by, we have strategically designed the Girls for the Future Initiative to prepare young girls for their journey ahead. We organize all-girl seminars and skills training, facilitated by accomplished women in various fields. We invite you to contribute your vocational skills and financial support to help us create a more impactful program.

4. ReadWide Initiative:
Reading is paramount, particularly at the foundational level of education. It is crucial to instill a love for reading in children, enabling them to broaden their knowledge beyond examinable subjects. To realize this vision, we have established strong partnerships with local and international authors, bookshops, and reading clubs. We actively receive and share books that contribute to this cause. If you are interested in joining us and collaborating on this mission, please reach out to us for further discussions.

At Schools Support Project, we are dedicated to transforming education in rural Ghana. Through collaborative efforts and the generosity of our partners, we strive to create a positive impact in the lives of underprivileged students and communities. Join us in our journey to make a difference in education and create a brighter future for all.

To achieve the above, they have segmented the projects into initiatives and given the needed attention by management with support from friends and partners. Below is a breakdown of each initiative highlighting key areas and approach to each.


Over time, we have noticed it is always a challenge for some parents and guardians to provide learning materials for their children for school. As an organization passionate about education, we have decided to be distributing free learning materials at the beginning of every academic year. As it stands now, we need a partnership that can constantly help us with Exercise books, pens, pencils, erasers, uniform, belts, socks, bicycles, handkerchiefs, rulers, crayons, sketch pads, my first copy books, math sets etc.


Charity has taken us to some of the interesting places in Ghana that has beautiful vegetation but not conducive for human existence due to poor water situation. These areas, because of their location are nowhere connected to the national water distribution network. In most cases they share water for small dams and trenches constructed by ranch owners for their cattle. In some cases, some communities have to trek for many hours just to get a bowl of water.  In solving these challenges we have put in place the constant supply of water to some villages, sharing of water filters and buckets and drilling of standard borehole as a permanent solution in some of the areas. So far, the CLEAN WATER INITIAVE is the most challenging one due to the cost involved in keeping it running. We are however using this medium humbly appealing  to all friends, organizations and potential partners of same interest to  team up with us lets support the less privileged out there with clean water .



The Girl-child deserves special attention to become that powerful and iconic woman in the near future. That is why here at Schools Support Project by we have strategically put together an initiative that will prepare them for the journey ahead. By doing this, we have been doing all-girl seminars and skills training coordinated by other young women of influence in their respective fields. We want to partner with you to make this more impactful by volunteering your vocational skills and contributing financially.



Reading is very important especially at the basic level. As the child grows, it is necessary to inculcate the habit of reading extensively in them so they grow with it. It broadens their knowledge in several areas of interest beyond examinable subjects in school. By doing this we have formed a strong alliance with local and foreign authors, bookshops, reading clubs to receive and share books that will help us realize  this dream. If the message above interests you and you’re willing to join us work together on it then please kindly reach out to us let’s have detail conversations.

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