Portable water for Dorfor Tornu – Kindly get involved.

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Clean Water Initiative

Dorfor Tornu is a small village located in the North Tongu district of the Volta region. Made up of almost five hundred (500) inhabitants, the farming community is known to have also contributed appreciably to Ghana’s bread basket.

The calm village situated on the edge of Dorfor Adidome and also shares borders with Greater Accra Region to the west is also known for its strict preservation of culture and traditions. However, the main challenge facing this village known for its great reception is lack of potable water. They presently rely on strings of flows that come from the bush beyond the Volta basin towards Sogakope.

The nearest source of clean water should be Dorfor Adidome which is also about 15 kilometers away from them – the same stretch school going-children from the village walks daily.

The Assemblyman for the area, Mr. Tse Kofi Azietor established contact with the Clean Water Initiative team under the Schools Support Project for a possible way out.

Mr. Abimael Kponu from SSP subsequently made a follow up to ascertain the situation. It is all clear that Dorfor Tornu is struggling with clean water and there’s the need to intervene.



We have supplied gallons of free water to some villages. Others received water filters and buckets and currently there is a drilling of borehole underway at Kpokpornu that will supply 5000 litres of clean water daily.

The intervention plan for Dorfor Tornu is to provide a 5000 litres water tank, pipe holes (inlet) and a water pumping machine that can draw water from the Volta River. With this mechanism, they can get a constant supply of clean water.


Our doors are opened for meaningful deliberations that will lead to providing an efficient solution to the water problem at Dorfor Torn. We are also ready to receive contributions in the form of cash or any of the materials needed for this project.

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Charity has taken us to some of the interesting places in Ghana that has beautiful vegetation but not conducive for human existence due to poor water situation. These areas, because of their location are nowhere connected to the national water distribution network. In most cases they share water for small dams and trenches constructed by ranch owners for their cattle. In some cases, some communities have to trek for many hours just to get a bowl of water.  In solving these challenges we have put in place the constant supply of water to some villages, sharing of water filters and buckets and drilling of standard borehole as a permanent solution in some of the areas. So far, the CLEAN WATER INITIAVE is the most challenging one due to the cost involved in keeping it running. We are however using this medium humbly appealing  to all friends, organizations and potential partners of same interest to  team up with us lets support the less privileged out there with clean water .